COVID-19 preventative measures that customers must follow before entering the branches (or) Health Advisory 

Dear Valued KBZ Bank Customer,

In view of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation worldwide, our branches are currently operating within normal hours but with precautionary measures in line with the Ministry of Health and Sports (MOHS) guidelines put in place to ensure your health and safety when you visit us.

  • Formed an internal COVID-19 task force to closely monitor the situation and take initiatives for the fight against COVID-19 
  • Implemented workplace arrangements such as Work-from Home, split and segregated shifts, remote working, and paid leave for employees who fall under the special/vulnerable population for COVID-19 by World Health Organization (employees aged 60 and above, pregnant staff, employees with severe chronic medical conditions, employees who have compromised immunity and new mothers) 
  • Established travel restrictions and advisory to bank employees to limit movement and protect their families 
  • Introduced an internal health tracker application for employees to submit their health information on a daily basis 
  • Arranged and conducted COVID-19 knowledge and Mental Resilience webinars for all staff, making eLearning and mandatory online examination on COVID-19 knowledge part of every staff’s KPI

  • Distributed protective equipment (face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers) among customer-facing and cash-handling staff 
  • Required both costumes and employees to wear a mask (cloth mask) to enter the branch or office 
  • Introduced temperature screening, hand wash stations and educational posters for proper hygiene across all our branches and offices for everyone entering the premise
  • Established 3-to-6 feet social distancing measures and good air ventilation in all branches and offices 
  • Increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting: life buttons, ATMs, door handles, banisters, bank counters, and monitoring of supply of soap, sanitary items, disinfectant, and hand-washing gel at all office locations and branches 
  • Advising customers to choose digital banking services (KBZPay, ATM, iBanking and mBanking) for a safely-distanced banking experience 

What can you expect when you visit a KBZ Bank branch?

For the purpose of COVID-19 Contact Tracing, we require all customers to fill in their contact Information. 

Disclaimer: The Bank will use the information provided by you for Contact Tracing during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Contact Tracing is a part of the Bank’s obligation to ensure healthy and safe workplaces for all our employees and customers. This information is not shared with third parties and will never be used in any way different to that stated above without your explicit consent. 

As a precautionary measure to protect our customers, partners and staff and to slow the spread of COVID-19, KBZ Bank is implementing the  Queue System for customers. 

  • As per the new Queue System, customers  will be given token (Queue) numbers and can go inside the branch when their names are called. 
  • To practice the Social Distancing rule of staying at least 3-to-6 feet away from each other, only 5 to 15 customers will be allowed inside the branches. (Monks, elder people, pregnant women, customers with young children and customers with disabilities are considered as priority.) 
  • All customer need to properly wash their hands at the washing basins or use hand gel before entering the branch. 
  • KBZ Bank will attend to the customers who get their token before 3pm and offer services to them within the same day. 

Customer Notice for Remittance 

KBZ Bank is committed to protecting our staff and our customers through social distancing. We will only be allowing reduced numbers of customers into the branch at one time.

  • KBZ Bank will continue to offer Remittance services at the open branches in Yangon and across the country. 
  • Remittance Customers will be asked to wait outside until their remittance has arrived.
  • To  withdraw money, customers will need to get the token number and wait for their names to be called. 

How can you avoid visiting our branches but still use our services?

We encourage customers to use contact-free digital banking services, including ATMs, KBZPay mobile wallet, KBZ iBanking, and mBanking to conveniently manage your finances without needing to visit a branch. 

Stay home, Stay safe and Protect your loved ones using KBZ Bank Digital Services 

  • mBanking – 24/7 available, manage your bank accounts from your phone, check balance, make transfers, make payments and withdraw money from an ATM without a card
  • iBanking – 24/7 available, access your account information online via a website 
  • KBZPay – a mobile wallet. Link with your KBZ Bank account, transfer money into your KBZPay wallet to spend, transfer to others or withdraw cash at a KBZPay agent or ATM

Digital Services

Download KBZPay and use these services 24/7: 

  • Transfer money using a mobile phone number
  • Use ATM to withdraw cash from KBZPay
  • See your balance and have access to your money 
  • Transfer between bank account and KBZPay

Download KBZPay

Branch Closures

As Kanbawza Bank prioritizes the wellbeing and safety of its employees, partners and customers, operations at some of the branches in Yangon Region were temporarily suspended to implement preventive measures for COVID-19 and to carry out regular bank security maintenance. During the temporary suspension, the banks’ premises were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The branch security system was also upgraded during that time.

In order to prevent further setbacks in the country’s development, MOHS announced in December encouraging the economic, social, and health sectors to continue operation with caution while practicing the new normal. Accordingly, KBZ Bank will resume operation of 122 Yangon branches to continue providing customers with essential banking services during normal banking hours (9:30am to 3:00pm), starting 14 January 2021.

KBZ Bank branches across the country are operating within normal business hours.

Customers are encouraged to wash their hands before entering the bank, wear face shield, and mask as per the instructions from the Ministry of Health and Sports.

Please check below to find out the branch closures and the branches that will stay open in Yangon region.

To know more about KBZ Bank Branches ‘Opening and Closing’ status

 KBZ Bank COVID Cases Update

As the number of infected COVID-19 patients increases throughout the country, we are continuing to do our best to keep our customers updated in regards to the COVID cases within KBZ Bank in a timely manner. 

Please check below for KBZ Bank COVID-19 Cases Update. 

For more information, please check or call MOHS Call Center Number 2019.

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For any further inquiries, please contact our customer service available 24/7 Monday to Sunday via:

KBZ Bank Call Center | 09-951018555

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Thank you for banking with KBZ Bank.