Dear Valued KBZ Bank Customer

KBZ Bank is working hard to bring essential banking services to our customers during this difficult period while also prioritising the health and safety of our staff and customers. We will do everything we can to ensure as many branches as possible are open, however, we ask for your understanding and patience as we may face some limitations due to staff availability. Branches may open and close on short notice, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

As per the announcement from the Central Bank of Myanmar, the branch operating hours will be from 9:30am to 3pm. 

For more information on Branch openings, please check the list of all branches or contact our Customer Care team on 09-951018555. 

We continue to encourage our customers to use our digital banking services to conveniently manage your finances. For more information on mBanking and iBanking please visit

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Formed an internal COVID-19 task force to closely monitor the situation and take initiatives for the fight against COVID-19 
  • Implemented workplace arrangements such as Work-from Home, split and segregated shifts, remote working, and paid leave for employees who fall under the special/vulnerable population for COVID-19 by World Health Organization (employees aged 60 and above, pregnant staff, employees with severe chronic medical conditions, employees who have compromised immunity and new mothers) 
  • Established travel restrictions and advisory to bank employees to limit movement and protect their families 
  • Introduced an internal health tracker application for employees to submit their health information on a daily basis 
  • Arranged and conducted COVID-19 knowledge and Mental Resilience webinars for all staff, making eLearning and mandatory online examination on COVID-19 knowledge part of every staff’s KPI

As banking is an essential service for our community, we have been implementing numerous safety measures since the beginning of the pandemic, to ensure that our front-line bankers and customers are safe as they access key banking services during these difficult times.

A part of the safety measures was the COVID-19 vaccination for KBZ bankers. With vaccination being one of the most effective ways to contain the spread of the virus, we urged all employees, who are medically fit, to get vaccinated. This way, all customers visiting our branches, as well as our staff, would be able to access and provide banking services in a safer environment.

Since the launch of our employee vaccination program in August, 50% of our workforce has been vaccinated against COVID-19. We are continuing this program phase by phase in the coming weeks to help more colleagues receive the necessary vaccination. The registration for a free COVID shot is open to all employees, fully covered under our employee care program. The safety and well-being of our employees and the community have been and will always be our utmost priority. Helping our employees get vaccinated is a crucial step in extending our efforts to build a safer and healthier community and uplift the livelihoods across the nation with essential financial services.

  • Distributed protective equipment (face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers) among customer-facing and cash-handling staff 
  • Required both customers and employees to wear a mask (cloth mask) to enter the branch or office 
  • Introduced temperature screening, hand wash stations and educational posters for proper hygiene across all our branches and offices for everyone entering the premise
  • Established 3-to-6 feet social distancing measures and good air ventilation in all branches and offices 
  • Increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting: life buttons, ATMs, door handles, banisters, bank counters, and monitoring of supply of soap, sanitary items, disinfectant, and hand-washing gel at all office locations and branches 
  • Advising customers to choose digital banking services (KBZPay, iBanking and mBanking) for a safely-distanced banking experience 

How can you avoid visiting our branches but still use our services?

We encourage customers to use contact-free digital banking services, including ATMs, KBZPay mobile wallet, KBZ iBanking, and mBanking to conveniently manage your finances without needing to visit a branch. 

Stay home, Stay safe and Protect your loved ones using KBZ Bank Digital Services 

  • mBanking – 24/7 available, manage your bank accounts from your phone, check balance, make transfers, make payments
  • iBanking – 24/7 available, access your account information online via a website 
  • KBZPay – a mobile wallet. Link with your KBZ Bank account, transfer money into your KBZPay wallet to spend, transfer to others

Download KBZPay and use these services 24/7: 

  • Transfer money using a mobile phone number
  • See your balance and have access to your money 
  • Transfer between bank account and KBZPay

Download KBZPay

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For any further inquiries, please contact our customer service available 24/7 Monday to Sunday via:

KBZ Bank Call Center | 09-951018555

KBZPay Call Center | 09-969963211

Email | [email protected]

Thank you for banking with KBZ Bank.