What is Self-service Banking Portal

Self-service Banking Portal is the portal where customers can create their accounts and request additional services related to accounts and credit cards online. The account opening and credit card application processes can be easily completed using the Self-service Banking Portal, eliminating the need to visit branches.

Benefits of Self-service Banking Portal

Time Efficient

One Stop Banking Services

Simple and Easy

100% Safe and Secure

Multiple Account Opening Services

Available Services

The following MMK accounts and credit cards can be opened and applied for using the Self-service Banking Portal.

  • Saving Account (Individual)
  • Current Account (Individual)
  • KBZ MPU Credit Card
  • Call Account (Individual)
  • Cash Account Savings (Individual)
  • KBZ Visa Credit Card
  • Cash Account Call (Individual)
  • Cash Account Current (Individual)
  • KBZ UnionPay Credit Card

Requirements To register

  • NRC
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number