CSR Highlights

KBZ Bank’s diverse projects, from education scholarships to disaster relief, empower communities and align with Sustainable Development Goals. Through partnerships and initiatives, KBZ Bank fosters growth, unity, and sustainability.

Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant and Training Center

Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant and Training Centre: A Beacon of Hope and Culinary Excellence

Nestled in the heart of Yangon, the Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant and Training Centre stands as a testament to the power of education and opportunity. Offering a comprehensive Service & Culinary training program, Shwe Sa Bwe opens its doors annually to 20-25 local students from various provinces of Myanmar, including those from monasteries and orphanages. The center provides a hands-on learning experience, allowing students to manage every aspect of the dining experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

KBZ Bank support for Vocational Training Infrastructure

KBZ Bank has proudly supported the Shwe Sa Bwe Restaurant and Training Center with funding directed towards essential renovations and the provision of critical infrastructure, such as air conditioning, sliding doors, kitchenware, and plates, ensuring a safe and conducive learning environment for the students.

Date of the Project

The project commenced in April, 2024

The Impact of our support

Through KBZ Bank’s support, the center has been able to overhaul outdated kitchen stoves mitigating a longstanding fire hazard. These improvements have not only enhanced the safety of everyone involved but have also fostered a more effective learning atmosphere for mastering culinary skills.

The collaboration between KBZ Bank and Shwe Sa Bwe aligns with our core pillars of ‘Fostering Futures’ and ‘Unity in Diversity’. By investing in the futures of young aspiring chefs, we are contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 4 (Quality Education), and Sustainable Development Goal 9 (Building Resilient Infrastructure) ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Together, we are sowing the seeds for a more diverse and skilled workforce, ready to take on the culinary world with passion and expertise.

Inle Heritage Vocational Training Center

Empowering Myanmar’s Youth: KBZ Bank’s Collaboration with Inle Heritage Vocational Training Center

Inle Heritage Vocational Training Center (IHVTC) is more than just an educational facility; it’s a catalyst for change. By offering scholarships to young people aged 17 to 24 annually, IHVTC provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes Front Office and Reservation, Housekeeping and Laundry, Food & Beverage Service, Food Production, English Language, General Knowledge, and Basic Computer Skills.

KBZ Bank’s Fostering Futures Initiative with IHVTC

KBZ Bank, in its commitment to ‘Fostering Futures’ and promoting ‘Unity in Diversity,’ has proudly supported IHVTC with a contribution which will be instrumental in providing scholarships for over 60 deserving students with diverse ethnicities.

Project Commencement

The project, which has started since its inception in 2013, is receiving support from KBZ Bank for the year 2024. This support will fund scholarships for 20 students per batch, with three batches conducted throughout the year.

The Impact of Our Support

The impact of KBZ Bank’s support is profound. Sixty young individuals from diverse backgrounds, including both Shan and non-Shan communities, receive quality education and training over three months. The program’s structure, which includes a three-stage assessment with a focus on practical skills (35%) and theoretical knowledge (65%), ensures that graduates are well-equipped to enter the hospitality industry as skilled professionals.

The collaboration between KBZ Bank and IHVTC is a testament to the power of partnership in achieving sustainable development goals. By aligning with SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), this initiative not only nurtures the potential of Myanmar’s youth but also contributes to the nation’s economic and social progress. As these young individuals embark on their careers, they carry with them the values of responsibility, leadership, and a commitment to their communities, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Yangon Education Center for the Blind

Inclusive Education for All: Supporting Yangon Education Center for the Blind (Kha Wel Chan School for the Blinds)

Founded on August 4, 1975, the Myanmar Christian Fellowship of the Blinds (MCFB) began with 14 individuals. It was established by blind Christians to organize and empower the visually impaired community to contribute to social welfare initiatives.

Vision Empowerment Project to Improve the Education of the Blind

KBZ Bank has committed to enhance educational methods and accessibility for blind students across Myanmar. This initiative aims to significantly improve the educational experiences and opportunities for visually impaired students through advanced technology and specialized training.

Key Areas:

  • Licensing of Tactile Imaging Software: Procuring software that converts images into tactile graphics, making visual content accessible to blind students.
  • Personnel Training: Equipping educators and support staff with the necessary skills to effectively use tactile imaging technology and teach blind students.
  • Creation of Tactile Graphics: Developing tactile graphics for textbooks to facilitate better understanding and learning for visually impaired students.

Project Commencement

The project commenced in 2024 with a focus on primary education and will extend through 2026 to cover higher education levels.

The Impact of our Support

Our contribution will directly benefit 234 blind students in Yangon, Mandalay, and Myitkyina. These students will gain access to an enhanced curriculum, enabling them to continue their education from elementary to high school levels with improved resources and support.

This initiative aligns with KBZ Bank’s pillars of Fostering Futures and Unity in Diversity. By supporting the education of the visually impaired, we are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 4 (Quality Education) , which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Life Project 4 Youth

Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future: KBZ Bank’s Collaboration with LP4Y

LP4Y is a beacon of hope, transforming the lives of marginalized youth through innovative and sustainable integration solutions. Since its inception in 2017, LP4Y has been a catalyst for sharing best practices and ensuring consistent action across its network of local organizations. It stands as a testament to the power of individual and collective empowerment, fostering success and inclusivity. 

Youth Training & Development (TDC)

KBZ Bank proudly supports the Youth Training & Development (TDC) project, committing to empower young adults from deprived backgrounds. Our contribution not only funds the project’s core activities, including the management of Train 4 Change—a micro-company offering free monthly courses on vital subjects like English, mental health, and environmental awareness — but also includes our commitment to providing training by internal experts. Our experts cover a range of subjects including Financial Literacy, PR, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Time Management, CV Preparation and Mock Interviews, and Job Opportunities for Youth, among others.

Project Period

2023 – 2024

The Impact of our support

Our support has a profound impact on the lives of 50 young adults aged 17-24, particularly benefiting women who make up 70% of the participants. Through this initiative, these young individuals gain essential soft and hard skills, paving their way towards a brighter, self-sufficient future in the business world.

KBZ Bank’s involvement with LP4Y aligns with our pillars of Fostering Futures and Unity in Diversity. This collaboration contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 5 (Gender Equality), and SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), reinforcing our commitment to nurturing a more inclusive and sustainable society.


RecyGlo: Pioneering Recycling for a Sustainable Future

RecyGlo stands as Myanmar’s first innovative recycling venture, founded by three visionaries committed to social impact and sustainability. Their mission is to process recyclable materials safely and responsibly. They offer services including waste pick-up, recycling, waste audit, and secure document disposal, catering to corporations and organizations dedicated to environmental responsibility.

KBZ Bank’s Collaboration with RecyGlo’s Thrift Fashion Truck Initiative

In a commendable CSR initiative, RecyGlo partnered with KBZ Bank for the “Thrift Fashion Truck” campaign. This project saw employees by the leadership of the Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) from KBZ Bank participating in a clothes exchange and donation drive over four sessions, each lasting three hours. The campaign successfully collected 1780 pieces of clothing, weighing 309.45 kg, and reduced carbon emissions by 1114.02 kg.

Date of the Project

June 2023

The Impact of our Support

The partnership between KBZ Bank and RecyGlo has catalyzed a movement towards environmental consciousness and social responsibility. Through the Thrift Fashion Truck initiative, they have championed sustainable fashion, inviting the community to rethink their consumption habits. This collaboration has not only supported vital social causes by meeting the clothing needs of the community but has also played a pivotal role in educating the public about the detrimental effects of fast fashion. By forging strategic partnerships with entities like Young City Shaper, they have amplified their impact, creating a ripple effect of positive change. The initiative’s success is also measurable in its environmental benefits, achieving a significant carbon reduction of approximately 70 kg per participant, marking a substantial step forward in the collective journey towards a greener planet.

This Thrift Fashion Truck campaign stands as a shining example of how joint efforts can drive sustainable development. This initiative resonates deeply with the ethos of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 12, which advocates for responsible consumption and production. By encouraging sustainable fashion, the campaign contributes to a more conscientious approach to consumerism. It also aligns with SDG 13 (Climate Action), and SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals).

Humanity Manners

Bridging Compassion and Relief: The KBZ Bank and Humanity Matters Collaboration

Humanity Matters is a Singaporean humanitarian interfaith organization that stands out for its ground-up, collaborative approach to providing aid. With a mission to catalyze regional cooperation for humanitarian relief and sustainable civic development, Humanity Matters serves disaster-prone, disadvantaged, and vulnerable communities across Asia. The organization’s inclusive ethos engages various sectors to put collective compassion into action, transcending borders, cultures, and beliefs.

In response to the catastrophic floods in Bago and Hlegu, Myanmar, KBZ Bank collaborated with Humanity Matters to provide essential relief. The project involved the installation of two water purification systems and the distribution of clean drinking water using 200 jerry cans. Additionally, Humanity Matters provided training on the operation and maintenance of these systems.

KBZ Bank’s contribution included essential supplies such as medicine, food, and drinking water for 486 employees and their families affected by the floods.

The Impact of our Support

The immediate provision of clean water and essential supplies significantly mitigated the health risks associated with the floodwaters for KBZ Bank’s employees and their families. This support ensured access to safe drinking water and basic necessities during a critical time.

The collaboration between KBZ Bank and Humanity Matters under Project Purified Hope not only provided immediate relief but also reinforced the importance of community resilience and cooperation in times of crisis. This initiative aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), showcasing a commitment to building sustainable, disaster-resilient communities and enhancing the quality of life for all.


The collaboration between My-Medicine and KBZ Bank

My-Medicine is an inclusive health-tech company offering millions of people in Myanmar real-time access to quality, affordable healthcare. Our digital health platform assists patients with telemedicine, telemonitoring, digital medical records and prescriptions, online drugstore with a pharmacist’s consultation hotline, at-home nursing care, digital wellness programs, and most up-to-date healthcare information and webinars. My-Medicine is a dedicated and ambitious team driving how to make it easier for patients to be their healthiest by making healthcare more accessible, affordable, and convenient.

Project Date


Mocha Cyclone Recovery Project: In 2023, during the “STAND TOGETHER TO SUPPORT THE PEOPLE AFFECTED BY CYCLONE MOCHA” CAMPAIGN, a Mocha Cyclone Recovery Project organized by the Myanmar Red Cross Society for the people in the areas affected by the powerful storm Mocha in Myanmar in May, My Medicine, together with KBZ Bank, provided disaster kits containing 10 types of emergency household medicines, including water purifying tablets. Additionally, My Medicine’s free emergency health hotline was set up to provide healthcare to the people affected by Typhoon Mocha, with expert doctors and pharmacists available daily from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. They offered advice on necessary health knowledge for people affected by the storm and provided free treatment and psychological counseling through the phone line.

Bago/ Hleku Flood Recovery Project: In response to the floods in Bago and Hleku in October 2023, My Medicine partnered with KBZ Bank to provide 162 packages of emergency medicine, worth 4.8 million, containing 10 types of medicine, to 573 bank employees and their families in a timely manner.

The Impact of our Support

The impact of our support in the wake of natural disasters in Myanmar has been significant and multifaceted. Through the Mocha Cyclone Recovery Project and the Bago/Hleku Flood Recovery Project, My-Medicine has demonstrated a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of affected communities. The provision of emergency household medicines, water purifying tablets, and the establishment of a free emergency health hotline are direct actions that have likely saved lives, prevented the spread of waterborne diseases, and provided much-needed psychological support.

The initiatives undertaken by My-Medicine align with the Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG 17), which emphasizes the importance of partnerships for achieving the sustainable development agenda. By collaborating with KBZ Bank, My-Medicine has leveraged resources, expertise, and networks to enhance the resilience of communities against natural calamities. This partnership model not only amplifies the impact of individual efforts but also serves as a blueprint for future collaborations aimed at building sustainable and disaster-resilient healthcare systems.

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