Personal Online Banking – KBZ mBanking

KBZ mBanking – Personal Mobile Banking is a mobile application that allows you to manage your money anytime, anywhere.
You can transfer money, manage your cards, buy top up, pay bills, buy entertainment gift cards and much more from within the application.

Don’t have KBZ mBanking?
You can easily register for KBZ mBanking online by linking your KBZ Bank Account or KBZ ATM Card.
You can just go to the nearest KBZ Branch and register.

KBZ mBanking Features

Benefits of KBZ mBanking

Biometric Login Service is a face or fingerprint recognition feature available to access Mobile Banking App without having to enter User ID and password. Touch Login is available for iPhone or selected Android mobiles while Face login is currently available on the iPhone X and above.


The Biometric login service makes mobile banking even faster. With a single touch/ scan face, you can login to your mobile banking. All your biometric data in your phone is now your password. No one can ever guess what it is and you always have it with you.

How to Apply KBZ mBanking?

When you click on “Fingerprint and FaceID” Icon which exists on the login page, you will be asked to type username and password to identify yourself. After typing username and password, One-time password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile device and you are about to type the OTP in order to complete the registration.

Auto OTP is an OTP that is sent to your app directly and verified in the background securely, saving your trouble of keying in an OTP sent to you via SMS. Auto OTP is more secure and quicker.

How to Apply?

When you log in to KBZ mobile banking app, the app will prompt the Auto OTP introduction page. If you click on the “NOT NOW” button, the page will be dismissed. It will show again when you log into the app next time. If you click on the “Don’t ask me again” button, it will not show again when you log into the app next time on this device. If you want to proceed to register Auto OTP, please check “I accept Terms and Conditions” and click on “NEXT” button. Then SMS OTP is sent to you and you are asked to enter OTP.

You can check your account details and transaction history by clicking on “Account Overview” on the home page.

In case you forget your KBZ Mobile Banking account password, you can reset yourself by clicking on “Forgot password?” on the Login page.

You can easily check real-time currency exchange rates of KBZ USD, EURO and Singapore dollar and calculate easily with Foreign Exchange Calculator.

You can receive KBZ Mobile Banking’s updated promotions and other announcements information through Push Notifications.

You can register KBZ Mobile Banking account by yourself online by linking with your KBZ ATM card.

How to register KBZ mBanking with KBZ ATM Card?

Type ChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Own Account TransferFreeMMK 100,000,000MMK 500,000,000
Own Account (USD to MMK)FreeUnlimitedUnlimited
Internal Account Transfer0.02 %MMK 100,000,000MMK 500,000,000
Fast Transfer0.02 %MMK 100,000,000MMK 500,000,000
Multiple Internal Account Transfer0.02 %MMK 100,000,000MMK 500,000,000
Other Bank TransferRates change according to beneficiary banks and branchesMMK 1,000,000MMK 20,000,000
Cardless WithdrawalMMK 200MMK 300,000MMK 300,000
Remit2U0.125% (min 300 MMK)MMK 500,000MMK 3,000,000
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Prepaid Visa/MasterFreeUSD 500USD 500
Credit Card RepaymentFreeAs per T&C AgreementAs per T&C Agreement
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Meter BillsYESC – MMK 100
ESE – MMK 100
QuickPay-All Merchants(companies)Rates change according to type of merchant (Customer pay or Merchant pay)MMK 50,000,000MMK 50,000,000
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Mobile Top Up (All Telco)FreeMMK 30,000MMK 50,000
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Mobile Data Pack(All Telco)FreeNANA
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Gift Card Top UpFreeNANA

TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Tax Payment1,000 – 10,000,000 : MMK 5,000
10,000,001 – 100,000,000 : MMK 10,000
100,000,001 – 1,000,000,000 : MMK 15,000
1,000,000,001 and above : MMK 30,000
MMK 5,000,000,000MMK 10,000,000,000