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Explore Debit Card

With our Explore Debit Card, you can make payments online, at mini marts, shopping centers and restaurants without the hassle of carrying cash all the time.


Make cash withdrawals at any of KBZ’s vast network of ATMs as well ATMs of other banks.

Withdrawals can be made at ATMs 24 hours a day


Make payments at E-commerce websites

Get access to all of KBZ’s latest online banking services

Applying for a card

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for the Explore Debit card.


Annual interest rate of 6%.

(Minimum Balance 10,000 Ks)


Add money to your Debit Card at any KBZ branch.


Easily transfer cash between KBZ Explore Debit


Make safe payments without needing to carry any cash.

You are protected from card fraud and data leaks by using our EMV Smart Chip technology

Fees & Charges

KBZ MPU Instant Debit CardMMK
Card Registration Fees3,000
Initial DepositAccording to Account Policy
Minimum BalanceAccording to Account Policy
Annual Fee3,000
Card Replacement/Lost Fees3,000
PIN – Reissue Fees1,000
Balance Enquiry Fees at ATMsFree
Card to Card transfer at KBZ ATM per transaction500
Transaction LimitMMK
POS/E-commerce Spending Limit per day5,000,000
Maximum Card to Card fund transfer
limit per day at KBZ ATM

Why choose explore debit card?


Never have to worry about not carrying enough cash when you are out.

Shop Online

Make online payments on e-commerce websites.


No need to worry about your cash being stolen with our EMV Smart Chip Technology

Online banking

Get access to all of KBZs latest online banking services

Required Documents

  • Original National Registration Card and a copy

Renewal of KBZ Debit (ATM) Card

KBZ Debit (ATM) Card was introduced in 2012 to it’s customers with 5 years of card lifespan. To continue enjoying the benefits and convenience of the card, customers are urged to renew their card 3 months before the expiry of the card for free of charge.

■ For more details, Click FAQ.
■ To learn more about Terms & Conditions, Click here.

Notification of Card Dispute & Chargeback Policy

Kindly take note the below timeline to dispute any transactions arising from your card account. Please check your statement regularly. Failing which you may loose your right to dispute the transaction.

KBZ Debit Cards

  • Within 30 days from the transaction date

KBZ Credit Cards

  • Within 60 days from the transaction date

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