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Savings Deposit Account

Eligible individuals can watch their money grow with the KBZ Savings Deposit Account.


You will be issued with a passbook upon successful opening of an account


The account holder can make withdrawals at any KBZ branch

Deposit unlimited times during bank opening hours

Withdraw unlimited funds once a week


You can open an individual account or co-account with another person

You can withdraw money through a representative (only at the bank the account was opened)


Money can be easily transferred from any KBZ branch directly to anyone with an account

Transfer money directly into your savings account from overseas


Apply for a loan using your savings account as insurance

Online banking

Get access to all of KBZs latest online banking services


Annual interest of 6% pa

Interest can be withdrawn quarterly

If no interest is withdrawn during each quarter, the interest is added to your account

Initial Deposit

1,000 MMK

Minimum Balance

1,000 MMK

10,000 MMK

(to earn interest )

Interest Rate


Per annum

Deposit dates to be eligible for interest

1st – 5th

(Every month)

Interest Withdrawal Months

End of March, June, Sep, Dec

Why choose this Savings Deposit Account?

High Interest rate

Watch your savings grow with us with an annual interest rate of 6% pa

Take out a loan

Using your savings account as insurance we can help you take out a KBZ loan

International transfers

Receive money to and from loved ones overseas

Online banking

Get access to all of KBZs latest online banking services

Required Documents

  • NRC ID card (original/copy)