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Children’s Savings Account

Children’s Savings Account is designed for individuals under the age of 18 and for parents saving for their child’s education. Opening this account is the perfect way to nurture your child’s saving habits building the perfect foundation for their future.


Teach your children the habits and values of savings money for their future

Transfer easily

As soon as your child turns 18, the account can easily be transferred into an adult Savings Account


This account is eligible for interest

The children’s savings deposit account with 10,000 Kyats and above are subject to earn 5% p.a interest

Withdrawal and deposit

No limit to the numbers of withdrawals or deposits you can make during bank opening hours. (At your local branch)

Deposit dates to be eligible for interest

1st-5th every month

Interest withdrawal months

End of March, June, September and December

Initial Deposit

1,000 MMK

Minimum Balance

1,000 MMK

Interest Rate


(Per annum)

Why choose this Account?

Habit forming

The perfect environment to practice the habit of savings money

It grows with them

Easily transfers into a Savings Account after the child turns 18.

High interest rate

Watch your child’s savings grow with an annual interest rate of 5%p.a


Make as many withdrawals and deposits as you like!

Required Documents

  • NRC ID card(original) of Parent/Guardian who will withdraw and deposit
  • Form 66/6 (Family Legal Document) Copy/Original