What is KBZ Business Internet Banking?

KBZ Business Internet Banking also known as iBanking is a web channel where customers can manage real-time financial transactions by using PCs, Laptops, Smartphones etc. with internet access. It is a good tool for all business types ranging from small , medium and large international companies.

Business iBanking offers an easy and convenient way for businesses to manage their finances from the comfort of the office and accessible 24/7 conveniently with more secure access for makers and checkers respectively.

KBZ iBanking Features

Other Benefits

Account Details

Check your account details – balance, account statement and history activities

Authorize Transactions

Enable you to authorize transactions with secure maker, checker roles access

Secure Login

Smart and Secure login with your choice of RSA software and hardware tokens

RSA software token

A type of authentication security software installed on your mobile phone that generates a PIN when you make the online banking login or transactions process

RSA hardware token

A physical device that generates security codes needed when a user is authenticating themselves during login or transactions process

You can go to the nearest branch to open a Business iBanking account.


  • Business iBanking Application Form
  • NRC copy of maker and checker
  • Business License
  • BOD Resolution form
  • Form-6, Form-26
  • Company Stamp/BOD Stamps
  • Email and mobile number of maker and checker
  • QuickPay slip for RSA purchase
Type ChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Own Account TransferFreeMMK 500,000,000MMK 1,000,000,000
Own Account (USD to MMK)FreeUnlimitedUnlimited
Internal Account Transfer0.0125 % (Min 200MMK)MMK 500,000,000MMK 1,000,000,000
Multiple Internal Account Transfer0.0125 % (Min 200MMK)MMK 500,000,000MMK 1,000,000,000
Other Bank TransferRates change according to beneficiary banks and branchesMMK 1,000,000MMK 20,000,000
TypeChargeMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Bulk Payment (Payroll)MMK 200 per txnMMK 20,000,000MMK 1,000,000,000
Bulk Payment (Supplier)0.0125% (min 200 MMK)MMK 500,000,000MMK 1,000,000,000
KBZPay Bulk Payment (Payroll)MMK 200 per txnMMK 5,000,000MMK 1,000,000,000
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Meter BillsYESC – MMK 100
ESE – MMK 100
QuickPay-All Merchants(companies)Rates change according to type of merchant (Customer pay or Merchant pay) NA NA
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Mobile Top Up (All Telco)FreeMMK 50,000MMK 500,000
TypeChargesMax Per Txn limitMax Daily Limits
Tax Payment1,000 – 10,000,000 : MMK 5,000
10,000,001 – 100,000,000 : MMK 10,000
100,000,001 – 1,000,000,000 : MMK 15,000
1,000,000,001 and above : MMK 30,000
MMK 5,000,000,000MMK 10,000,000,000

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