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Onshore Security Agent (or Collateral Agent)

  • Foreign Lenders or a Lending Syndicate making loans in Myanmar will need a Security Agent to take custodianship of assets given as collateral by the borrower to secure the loan.  
  • KBZ Trust acting as Agent will hold these assets on behalf of the lenders under the Finance Documents as security for performance of the borrower’s obligations under the loan agreement. 
  • KBZ Trust will perform the necessary administrative duties related to these assets and together with the Lender’s legal counsel, help perform enforcement actions as directed on behalf of the lenders.
  • Myanmar based Corporations, Foreign Lenders, Law Firms and Loan Syndicates and Consortiums have made KBZ Trust’s Onshore Security Agent Service a market leader for those wishing to lend or borrow in USD or MMK within Myanmar.
  • Please contact us [email protected] or 01 230 7049 to find out more about our Service.