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Current Account (Foreign Currency)

Current Account is suitable for local and international companies, employees of INGO, NGOs, travelling internationally for studies or hospitalizing, sailors and foreigners.

Eligible currencies for account creation

  • USA (USD)
  • Europe (EURO)
  • Singapore(SGD)

International transfers

Receive international money transfers directly into this account.

For foreigners, KBZ can transfer directly to bank accounts in your respective countries

Cheque services

Pay, transfer and clear by cheque in services that needed payment by foreign currencies

Only designated account holders are allowed to sing the cheque


All account holders receive an official statement


Able to pay with by name to the person who you want to pay using XXXXX

Bank services

Able to recieve bank services of special xxxxxx


A current account (foreign) is not eligible for interest

Withdrawal and deposit

Able to withdraw amount of 5000 maximum, per cheque (twice a week)*

*This term can be changed depending on the orders/terms of the Central Bank Myanmar)

Initial Deposit

100 (USD, EURO, SGD)

(Need to show source of income if deposit is over 10,000)

Minimum Balance


Why choose this Account?

International Network

You can withdraw money or transfer funds at any of KBZs branches nationwide

Multi Currency

Open an account in the currency of your choosing (USD, SGD, Euro)


Make daily withdrawals of up to $5000

Online banking

Get access to all of KBZs latest online banking services

Required Documents

  • Original National Registration Card and a copy