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Dear Customers, 

All banks and non-bank financial institutions in Myanmar are granted licenses under the Financial Institutions Law 2016 (FIL), regulated by the Central Bank of Myanmar. As per Chapter 5, Section 13, all banks holding a license must comply with all orders, regulations, directives, and guidelines imposed by the CBM, including those of Anti -Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) law 2015, as and when necessary.

The CBM has directed us to freeze a number of accounts in compliance with these  directives. Failure to do so is punishable with fines, imprisonment[1] and revocation of licenses.[2]

We regret the distress that this is causing our customers. Any customer who wishes to appeal for a reactivation or unfreezing of their account can send an email to CBM directly at [email protected]

As a corporate citizen, we are strongly committed to operate responsibly and to keep our employees and customers safe and supported at all times. 

We hope this information is useful. The bank can’t guarantee how or when CBM will respond to these appeals, but our team will do our best to assist you as we continue to provide essential banking services to the people of Myanmar. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

■ The call center number of KBZ Bank is 09951018555 (or) 8555. Please be advised that KBZ Bank employees will never ask for customers’ important banking information such as PIN Number, OTP, Credit or Prepaid Card CVC number and Card PIN number via SMS, Email, and social media. 
■ NEVER share your PIN and OTP with anyone for your account safety.

[1] Chapter 14 of Counter-Terrorism Financing, Chapter 11 of Anti-Money Laundering, and Chapter 26 of Financial Institution Law 2016
[2]Chapter 5, Section 15 of Financial Institution Law 2016

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