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Current Account (Local Currency)

Current Account (Local) is suitable for individual businessmen, merchants and Foreigners working locally.

Eaxi Account (Formerly Current Account – Individual)

Eaxi Account is the new name for the Current Account – Individual (Ordinary and Cash) now unveiled with new and exciting benefits.

Opening an account

You can open an individual account or co-account with more than a person

 Account Facility

MPU Debit Card will be issued that can be linked to the Eaxi Account to withdraw or transfer money through the ATM. A cheque book can be requested if required.

All your banking in one place

Bank to bank service for collecting invoice and clearing accounts


All account holders receive official statements

Only designated account holders are allowed to sign the cheque


You will be able to transfer or withdraw funds at all KBZ branches

Online banking

Get access to all of KBZs latest online banking services


This account is not eligible for interest

Withdrawal and deposit

No limit to the numbers of withdrawals or deposits you can make during bank opening hours

Initial Deposit

10,000 MMK

Minimum Balance

10,000 MMK

Account Maintenance Fees

500 MMK (per month)*

*For Eaxi Accounts inactive for 6 months or more

Why choose this Account?


You can withdraw money or transfer funds at any KBZs branches or at ATMs nationwide

Cheque book

Never need to carry cash thanks to the convenience of having a KBZ cheque book

Easy tranfers

Fast and easy money transfers

Online banking

Get access to all of KBZs latest online banking services

Free MPU Debit Card

You can apply for MPU Debit Card free of charge. Our MPU Debit Card offers convenience and security for your everyday transactions.

Required Documents

  • NRC ID Card ( Original )
  • Passport ( Original )