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International Remittance

To facilitate fast and secure transfer of funds, Kanbawza bank (KBZ) offers international remittance service to students going abroad for the study, patients going abroad for medical treatment/check-up, foreigners and those working overseas.

Remittance Methods

(1) Inward Remittance

   Worker’s Remittance

  Western Union (Inbound)

  Inward Telegraphic Transfer (via SWIFT)

(2) Outward Remittance

  Western Union (Outbound)

  Outward Telegraphic Transfer (via SWIFT)

Worker’s Remittance

Required Documents

  • NRC/ ID card(original/copy)
  • Code Number , Account Number
  • Self-withdraw

Fees and Charges

  • Within Yangon transactions (No fees)
  • Outside Yangon transactions (Standard transfer charges)

***Fees may differ between account number and cash pick up at the bank with reference code.

Transferable Countries

  1. Malaysia    – CIMB, Merchant Trade
  2. Thailand    – Kasikorn Bank, CIMB, KrungThai Bank (KTB)
  3. Korea          – Marchant Trade
  4. Japan          – Merchant Trade
  5. Singapore  – CIMB
  6. Laos            – CIMB
  7. Cambodia  – CIMB
  8. Brunei        – CIMB

Western Union (Inbound)

The Western Union Company is an American financial services and communications company. They allow transferring money online to friends and family around the world via Western Union. Customer will be able to withdraw money with provided MTCN1234567890 (Money Transfer Control Number).

Required Documents

  • Receiver’s Identification
  • MTCN number
  • Sender Name
  • Receiver Name
  • Amount
  • Sending Country
  • Self-withdraw


No Service Charges

Transferable Countries

All countries around the world except North Korea, Armenia and Iran.

Inward Telegraphic Transfer (via SWIFT)

Telegraphic Transfer is Account-to-Account transfer of money from other countries to Myanmar via SWIFT.

Main Requriement to transfer from Other Countries

  • Beneficiary A/C Number
  • Beneficiary A/C Name
  • Remittance Information

Fees and Charges

  • For Foreign Currency A/C – USD 10 (or) equivalent amount of USD 10 with SGD and EUR per transaction
  • For MMK A/C – MMK 10,000 per transaction (if outside Yangon A/C – MMK 10,000+standard transfer charges)

Required Documents

Required documents depend on purpose of remittance (eg. agreement, contract, invoices, etc.)
*For any transfer amount of the purpose of Capital / Investment, Loan & Export / CMP Charges, documents must be provided.

Required Documents for Capital / Investment

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Form I
  3. Form VI
  4. Form XXVI
  5. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

Required Documents for Loan

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Loan Approval Letter from CBM
  3. Loan Agreement
  4. Repayment Schedule
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Form I
  7. Form VI
  8. Form XXVI
  9. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

Required Documents for Export and CMP

  1. Cover Letter
  2. Export License (no need for Non-License)
  3. Export Declaration
  4. Sales Contract
  5. Commercial Invoice / Proforma Invoice (advance payment)

***For the transfer amount over USD 10,000 of other purposes of remittance, related documents need to be provided.

Western Union (Outbound)

The western union is an American financial services and communications company. They allow transferring money online to friends and family around the world via western union services from Myanmar. Customer will be able to withdraw money with provided MTCN1234567890(Money Transfer Control Number).

Transaction Amount

  • Maximum amount is USD 3,000 or the equivalent MMK of USD 3,000 per transaction.
  • Sometimes, as per payout procedure of receiving country, the amount less than USD 3,000 can be sent.

Transfer Time

  • within minutes
  • Sometimes it depends on Agent Location hours, differences in time zones, and policy of the receiving countries

Foreign Exchange Rate

  • Exchange rate is WU system’s auto calculation rate
  • Western Union FX rate can change time to time


  • A Valid Identification of the sender
  • Transferred Amount
  • Country of origin
  • Receiver name as per ID (or) Passport documents

(If you want to transfer to USA, Canada, and Mexico, sender needs to provide Names of the State and City of there.

Some countries need to fill Test Question in TSMF. Some countries limited the receiving amount.)

Transfer Fee

  • 25 USD per transaction for USD currency
  • 32,000 MMK per transaction for MMK currency
  • Only sender needs to pay transfer fees and no fees for receiver

 Transferable Countries

  • All countries around the world except North Korea, Armenia and Iran

Required Documents

  • Required documents depend on purpose of remittance

Outward Telegraphic Transfer (via SWIFT)

Trade Payment

  • Import TT Appplication Form

Tha Kha Form

Non-trade and Service Payment

  • Non Trade Application Form

Form (A)


  • Minimum Fee is USD 25 for up to USD 20,000 which is the transaction amount.
  • 0.125% on wire transfer amount which is above USD 20,000 and commission fee will be charged depends on the transferred currency.


  • Swift Charges: USD 10 (starting from 1st Oct, 2018)
  • Additional Charges: USD 10 + Swift USD 10 (Amendment/ Investigation/ Query (Tracer) / Cancellation)


  • All these fees will apply to USD and other currency will apply the fee amount of equivalent to USD.
  • Any fees of other currency transactions are converted to USD based on the rate determined by the bank.

Required Documents for Trade Payment

  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter with Company Letter Head
  • Foreign Currency Account (Company A/ C)
  • Import License, Import Permit (Original)
  • Import Declaration (Original)
  • Bill of Lading / Air-way Bill / Cargo Receipt (Original)
  • Commercial Invoice (Original)
  • NRC/ ID Card (Original/ Copy) (Individuals)

Required Documents for Non-trade/ Service Payment

  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter with Company Letter Head for Company Account
  • Supporting documents (Invoice, contract, agreement, etc… depends on purpose of remittance, for example – Education fee, Consultant fee, Tour fee, Freight charges and salary payments)

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The safest way to send your money overseas

Transferable Countries

Remitter can directly send money from KBZ correspondent banks. (If remitter wants to send from other banks, need to use KBZ correspondent banks as intermediary.)


List of Correspondent Banks and SWIFT Code

NoBank NameSWIFT CODECurrencyCountry Name
1Industrial and Commercial Bank of China LtdICBKCNBJUSDChina
2Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd.OCBCCNSHCNYChina
3Commerz BankCOBADEFFEURGermany
4Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorprorationSMBCJPJTUSD, JPYJapan
5Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd.MHCBJPJTUSD, JPYJapan
6United Bank of IndiaUTBIINBBOVEUSDIndia
8Shinhan Bank SHBKKRSEUSDKorea
9Kookmin Bank CZNBKRSEUSDKorea
10Malayan Banking Berhad, MaybankMBBEMYKLUSDMalaysia
11CIMB Bank BerhadCIBBMYKLUSDMalaysia
12United Overseas Bank Ltd.UOVBSGSGUSD, EUR, SGDSingapore
13Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd.OCBCSGSGUSD, SGD, EURSingapore
14Malayan Banking Berhad, MaybankMBBESGSGUSDSingapore
15Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorprorationSMBCSGSGUSD, EUR, SGDSingapore
17CIMB Bank BerhadCIBBSGSGUSDSingapore
18Cathay United BankUWCBTWTPUSDTaiwan
19Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd.BKKBTHBKUSD, THBThailand
20Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Ltd.SICOTHBKUSD, EURThailand
21Krung Thai Bank Public Company Ltd.KRTHTHBKUSDThailand
22Kasikorn Bank Public Company Ltd.KASITHBKUSD, THBThailand

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