Outward Remittance

Outward remittance is a transfer of money from KBZ bank to overseas bank for the purpose of payment and settlement of trade and services, loans and interest,dividend and profit,etc…

Remittance Methods

  Outward Telegraphic Transfer (via SWIFT)

Outward Telegraphic Transfer (via SWIFT)

Trade Payment

  • Import TT Application Form

 Non-trade and Service Payment

  • Non Trade Application Form

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Request Letter Sample

Undertaking Letter Sample

Foreign Remittance Terms & Conditions

 Required Documents for Trade Payment

  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter with Company Letter Head
  • Foreign Currency Account (Company A/ C)
  • Import License, Import Permit (Original)
  • Import Declaration (Original)
    Bill of Lading / Air-way Bill / Cargo Receipt (Original)
  • Commercial Invoice (Original)
    NRC/ ID Card (Original/ Copy) (Individuals)

Required Documents for Non-trade/ Service Payment

  • Application Form
  • Cover Letter with Company Letter Head for Company Account
  • Supporting documents (Invoice, contract, agreement, etc… depends on purpose of remittance, for example – Education fee, Consultant fee, Tour fee, Freight charges and salary payments)


  • Minimum Fee is USD 25 for up to USD 20,000 which is the transaction amount.
  • 0.125% on wire transfer amount which is above USD 20,000 and commission fee will be charged depends on the transferred currency.


  • Swift Charges: USD 10 (starting from 1st Oct, 2018)
  • Additional Charges: USD 10 + Swift USD 10 (Amendment/ Investigation/ Query (Tracer) / Cancellation)


  • All these fees will apply to USD and other currency will apply the fee amount of equivalent to USD.
  • Any fees of other currency transactions are converted to USD based on the rate determined by the bank.

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