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Embracing Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at KBZ Bank. As Myanmar enters a major growth phase, we have taken the lead in developing sound policies and practices that are good for the country, the planet, and all those who call it home.

Over the years, KBZ Bank has embraced environmental best practices within our business so as to reduce our impact and carbon footprint, from waste reduction and recycling to supporting programmes that support these efforts. For example, our push towards digital banking, through products like KBZPay, makes banking paperless, in addition to making banking more secure and convenient. We are constantly looking at how even more banking services can be conducted and completed online or on mobile devices, saving trips to branches.

Environmental Initiatives

RecyGlo Waste Management

Working with RecyGlo, which provides innovative recycling solutions, KBZ Bank conducted a waste audit at our headquarters and Family Office between February 2019 and January 2020.

Being able to identify, quantify and analyse the composition of the waste we generate has allowed us to identify opportunities for improving our approach to waste management, and to put into place more responsible practices.

These include proper separation of trash, the reduction of waste by implementing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), and encouraging our colleagues to go “paperless” where possible.

VOICES FOR MOMOS Campaign with WWF (2017)

The KBZ Group of Companies and Shwe Taung Group joined the WWF’s VOICES FOR MOMOS in a nationwide campaign in December 2017 to end the sale of illegal wildlife products, including elephant tusks, in Myanmar.

Through an integrated print, digital and outdoor advertising campaign, we aimed to reach the general public, local and foreign tourists, impacted communities, and illegal wildlife traders themselves.

The campaign leveraged KBZ Bank’s community reach as we were able to disseminate information about the elephant poaching crisis through its network of branches and ATMs across the country.

KBZ’s Shark Protection and Conservation Policy

No one needs a shark’s fin besides the shark itself, yet the growing demand for shark fins is not only pushing sharks to extinction but greatly disrupting marine life as a whole. At KBZ Bank, we have taken a public stance – one that is known to our staff, stakeholders, and the public. As a policy, we:

● Do not allow staff to purchase shark fin soup or shark-based products for any reason or on any occasion, and do not serve it at company events

● Do not engage with any establishment that deals in or serves shark-based products, including retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and hotels

● Do not provide financial services to companies that allow shark fins or other shark-based products to be exported or imported.

Our stance on shark fins is part of our broader commitment to protect endangered species and ensure the environmental impact of our activities is minimised. 

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