New Cash Account – Savings, Call and Current with Easy Cash Withdrawal

KBZ Bank has introduced a new, New Cash Account for customers to manage their finances conveniently and to withdraw cash up to the deposited amounts without limits. New Cash Accounts can be opened as Cash Account – Savings, which offers 7% interest, Cash Account – Call, which offers 6% interest, and Cash Account – Current. To open a Cash Account – Savings, Call and Current, deposits can be made as cash credit at any KBZ Bank branch nationwide.

The following customers are eligible to open Cash Account Savings, Call and Current

  • Businesses (Both DICA and NON-DICA)
  • Organizations (NGO, INGO, Universities, etc.)
  • Individuals – Myanmar citizens & Resident foreigners (with valid Visa) 

Benefits of Cash Account – Savings 

  • 7% interest rate (per annum)
  • Passbook – ‘CASH ACCOUNT – Savings’ stamped 
  • Support in setting up mBanking to enable you to manage your money digitally, without visiting a branch

Benefits of Cash Account – Call

  • 6% interest rate (per annum)
  • Specially designated passbook
  • Support in setting up Corporate iBanking and mBanking to enable you to manage your money digitally, without visiting a branch

Benefits of Cash Account – Current

  • Unlimited withdrawals of cash* up to the amount of cash deposited, subject to maintaining the minimum balance 
  • Free transfers from this account to any other KBZ account
  • Perform non-cash debit transactions at any open KBZ branch nationwide
  • Free Business Debit and MPU cards
  • Support in setting up Corporate iBanking and mBanking to enable you to manage your money digitally, without visiting a branch 

The following are the required initial deposit and minimum balance for each type of Cash Account – Savings, Call and Current

Account TypeInitial DepositMinimum Balance
Cash Account – Savings (Individual/Joint)MMK 1,000,000MMK 1,000,000
Cash Account – Current (Individual/Joint)MMK 10,000MMK 10,000
Cash Account – Current (Corporate)MMK 1,000,000MMK 1,000,000
Cash Account – Call (Individual/Joint)MMK 100,000MMK 100,000
Cash Account – Call (Corporate)MMK 1,000,000MMK 1,000,000

Cash Account Withdrawal Branch List

Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
8-MileYangon(City)No(95-A), 8 Mile Business Center, Level -1, Unite (A), KyaikWine Pagoda Rd, Mayangone Tsp, Ygn.
ParamiYangon(City)No-39,Parami Road,(8)Qtr,Yankin Tps,Yagon.
Min DamaYangon(City)Building No(A-3), Shwe KaBar Advance Housing Project, MinDaMa St, (3)Qtr, Mayangone Tsp, Ygn.
Kyun Taw LanYangon(City) T - 4BLD.(1), Junction Square Compound, KyunTaw road,San Chang Tsp, Yangon.
BotahtaungYangon(City) T - 4No.(178), Bo Aung Kyaw,Bo Ta Htaung Tsp, Yangon.
New University AvenueYangon(City) T - 4No.(441), Room No.(G FL, LEVEL-2), New University Avenue Rd, Sayarsan Qtr, Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
TwanTayYangonU Paing No(5,6,7),Bogyoke St, Zaythit Ward, Twantay Township
Thaketa -KamarkyiYangonNo.(7),Corner Of Shukhinthar St And Yadandarpone. 5st,9Qtr,Tharketa Township,Yangon.
HleguYangon(City)U Paing No(23), Field No(1145), Ygn-Mdy Old Road,, Aung Mingalar Qtr, Hlegu Tsp, Yangon Division
KyaukTanYangon(City)No. Za\3\8Coner of Theini Street and Tharaphi Street,Quarter(8), Lashio, Shan State (North)
DaLaYangon(City)No-1170, Twan Tay Road, Banyar Dala Ward, Dala Township, Yangon
Lanmadaw 4 stYangon(City)No(312/318),Room A(003/004), (103,104),Great Wall Condo,Lanmadaw Tsp
Shwe Gone DineYangon(City)N0.(212-A), Ground Fl (101/102), Middle Shwe Gone Daing Rd,,Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
Kyauk Ta DarYangon(City)No.(33/49), Corner of Bank St & Mahabandula St,KyaukTaDa Tsp, Yangon.
South OakkalapaYangon(City)No.(586), Than Thu Mar Rd,(7) Qtr, South Oakkalapa Tsp, Yangon.
YankinYangon(City)Bld.(38), Room No.(G-A,B), Myint Zu Yee Condo,Moe Kaung St, 13 Qtr, Kyauk Kone,
Yankin Tsp, Yangon.
Mingalarzay -2YangonNo(267), Banyardala Rd, Ayoekone Ward, Tamwe.
SawBwarGyi Gone-1Yangon(City)No.(86/87), Lan Thit St, Nant Thar Gone Qtr, Saw Bwar Gyi Gone,Innsein Tsp, Yangon.
Daw PoneYangon(265/267/269),Minnandar Road,Burmaaye QTR,DawBon Township
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Mandalay-43Mandalay(City)No(4), Corner of Theikpan st & 61st, Myothit Qr(1), Chanmyatharsi Tsp, Mandalay
Mandalay-3Mandalay(City)NO(131/A)Cornor of 78st &34st Shwe Chi Htoe (East)Chanayetharsan Tsp,Mandalay.
Mandalay-4Mandalay(City)No.23/a, (78)st, Khin Saw Mu Corner, North Chanmyatharsi Ward, Mahar Aungmyay Tsp, Mandalay
Meikhtila-2Mandalay(City)No 104,Tadaroo Road,Myoma (4)Qtr,Meikhtila
Mandalay-7MandalayNo(462), 80 Street, Between 28st & 29st, ChanAyeTharZan Tsp, Mandalay Division..
Mandalay-24MandalayNo(5), 73 Street, Between 29st & 30st, ChanAyeTharZan Township, Mandalay Division..
Mandalay-30MandalayNo(15-B), 73 Street, Between 37St & 38St,MaHarAungMyay Township, Mandalay Division..
Kyauk Pa DaungMandalayNo-197/198,Yanpyayman Rd, SanPya Qtr,Kyauk Pa Daung
KumeMandalayUPaing No.67-D-1,Ygn-Mdy road,TharYarAye Qtr,Kume.
NahtogyiMandalayNo.416/480,MyinChan-Ye Winn Street,4th Qtr,Nahtogyi Tsp
PyinOoLwin - 3MandalayNo(249/D),(12)West Nyan Taw,MDY-LSO St, (2)Qtr,Pyin OO Lwin Tsp.
Nyaung OoMandalayNo.(13/C), Corner of Ahnawyahtar Rd & Nyaung Oo-KyaukPaDaung Rd,No(3),
AungThiDi Yat,Nyaung Oo, Mandalay Division
YamaethinMandalayNo(102),(28)Qtr,Aungmingalar Ward,Yamaethin Tsp,Mandalay.
ThaziMandalayNo.(4/D),Meikhtila-TaungGyi Main Road,(1St)Qtr,Thazi,Township,Meikhtila District,Mandalay Division
PyawbweMandalayNo(168),Mahar Bandula Road,Myinbat Qtr,Pyawbwe Tsp,Mandalay.
Mogoke - 1MandalayNo(31-32),BoGyoke Road,Zay Haung Qtr,Mogok.
WundwinMandalayNo(37/68) 3 Qtr Wundwin
Meikhtila-4MandalayNo.7/8,Room-B,YANGON-MANDALAY road,AungZayya Qtr,Meikhtila,Mandalay Division.
MadayaMandalayNo(Du-41),Qtr No(288-KHA/2),No(2),MyoThit,Corner Of 25st and Bayintnaung St,
Madaya Tsp,Mandalay Division.
PyinOoLwin-1Mandalay9/Kha80,Mdy-Lasho st, YaKaKa(3),Block(2),PyinOoLwin
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Naypyitaw - 1NaypyitawNo.1, Bank Ward, Oaktaya Thiri, Naypyitaw.
Naypyitaw -5NaypyitawNo.(S-261,S-262.S-268,S-269)၊ Yaza Thingha Rode, Thapyaykone Quarter, ZabuThiri Township, Naypyitaw.
Naypyitaw-3NaypyitawNo.644,645, Coener Of Patauk & Tha Ya Phi Road, Thpyaykone Qtr, Zabu Thiri, Naypyitaw
LeiwayNaypyitawNo(4Nya/2)Ahlinyaung ward,Ygn-Mdy Old Rd,Qr (6),Leiway.
Pyinmana-1Naypyitaw (Region)No-74 ,Bo Tauk Htein Rd ,Mingalar Qtr ,Pyinmana.
Naypyitaw-2Naypyitaw259(A), Yazar Htaeni St, Ywar Kaung Qtr, Paung Laung NayPyiTaw.
TatkonNaypyitawNo.(19),Thuriya St,Aungzaya Qtr,YGN-MDY Road,Tatkon
Naypyitaw-4NaypyitawPa(97-101),Padauk Street,Thapyay Gone Qtr,Zabu Thiri Township,Naypyitaw.
Pyinmana-2NaypyitawNo-1651,TThapyay Hla Compound ,Yauk Thwar Innkanoo Qtr,PyinMaNaTaungNyo Road, PyinMana Tsp.
Naypyitaw MyoMa MarketNaypyitawNo(MA-83),Myoma Market,Zayar Theikdhi Quarter,ZubuThiri Township,NayPyiTaw
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Pathein -1AyeyarwaddyNo(232)Maharbandula Rd,3 Qtr ,Pathein Tsp
PyaponAyeyarwaddyNo(64/D2)Bogyoke Aung San Rd,5 Qtr,Pyapon Tsp;
Hinthada -1AyeyarwaddyNo(49),Natmaw St,North U Yin Ward,Hinthada Tsp
MawgyunAyeyarwaddyNo(178),(B/2+B/3)Kannar Rd, 6 Qtr,Mawgyun Tsp;
Nyaung DonAyeyarwaddyNo(270)Lanmadaw St,5 Qtr,Nyaungdon Tsp;
MyaungmyaAyeyarwaddyNo-14,Conner of U Ba Cho St & 5 St, 2- ward ,Myaungmya Tsp
Pathein -2AyeyarwaddyNo-8 Zaychaung St, 4-Qtr Pathein TSp:
KyaiklatAyeyarwaddyNo 106, 8*9 U Sandar Road, 4 Qtr Kyaik Lat Tsp;
Hinthada -2AyeyarwaddyNo(138)Natmauk RD,Tarkalay Qtr ,Hinthada Tsp;
PantanawAyeyarwaddyNo(227/228)Bayintnaung Rd,Myoma(2) Qtr,Pantanaw Tsp;
ZalunAyeyarwaddyNo(612)Ahdar St,Nyaung Pin Zay Qtr Zalun Tsp;
Pathein -4AyeyarwaddyNo(82/A)MinyeKyawSwar Rd, Pathein Tsp;
LabuttaAyeyarwaddyNo(118),Merchant St,5-Qtr Labutta Tsp;
KyanginAyeyarwaddyNo(37),Bogyoke St,Ywar Thit Ward,Kyangin Tsp
EinmeAyeyarwaddyNo(37),Bogyoke St,UpperQtr,Einme
MyanaungAyeyarwaddyNo(1)LatpanAward,Middle St ,5-Qtr Myanaung Tsp;
BogaleAyeyarwaddyNo(28)Manawhayi St,3-Qtr,Bogale Tsp;
DanubyuAyeyarwaddyNo(29)Conner Of Payar Rd & Khaymar Rd,5 Qtr ,Danubyu Tsp;
Pathein Branch-3AyeyarwaddyB7-8,Kannar Road Konesedine,2Qtr Pathein Tsp;
KyonpyawAyeyarwaddyNo(683)Myawaddy Rd,Myadaddy Qtr,Kyonpyaw Tsp;
Hinthada-3AyeyarwaddyNo(4-5)UWISAYA Road,Phayagyi Qtr, Hinthada Tsp;
MaubinAyeyarwaddyNo.38,Conner of Min Road & 5-St,5-Ward, Maubin Tsp:
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Daik-UBagoNo.5, Myot Win St,ThanTaDar Qtr, Daik-U, Bago.
ThonesaeBagoNo-234 Yangon-Pyay Road , West-Lapankhone Quarter,Thonesae
WAWBagoN0.15, Minn Road Chan Mya Tharsi Qtr , Waw Tsp,Bago
Bago-3BagoNo.9, Coner of Khine ThitSa and Ygn-Mdy.2 Qtr, OakThar MyoThit, Bago
Bago-2BagoN0.354,Thanat Pin St,ShinSawPu Qtr, Bago
PhyuBagoNo.(42-A+B), Ygn-Mdy Main road, Zay Qtr, Phyu, Taungoo, Bago.
Nyaung Lay BinBagoNo.(22), Bogyoke rd, MyotMa (3) Qtr, Nyaung Lay Bin Tsp, Bago.
Bago-1BagoNo.(237/238), Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda Rd, Yone Gyi Qtr, Bago.
Taungoo-1BagoNo.(362), KayTuMade St, (19)Qtr,Corner Of Yangon-Mandalay MAin Rd & YeikThar Rd,Taungoo, Bago.
YedasheBagoNo-31, Old Ygn-Mdy road, (2)Qtr,Yedashe, Bago Division
Taungoo-2BagoNo.77, UPaing No. (Ka/85), Zay Street,15 Quarter, Taungoo, Bago Division
Bago-4BagoCo-Operative Building A, Ground Floor, Ygn-Mdy Main Road, Hantharwaddy Qtr,Bago, Bago Division
Bago-5BagoBago-5 Nyaung Wyne Branch, Bls-5, RM(1+2), Nyaung Wyne (18) St, Zay Paing Qtr,Bago, Bago Division
Bago-PhayargyiBagoNo(92), Ygn-MawLaMyine (Wall) Road,(2)Qtr, Hpayargyi, Bago Division
Bago-InnTaKawBagoNo(7/32), Ygn-Mdy Road,(3)Qtr, InnTaKaw, Bago Division
Oak TwinBagoUpaing NO.28,Ygn-Mdy rd,Bago St Qtr, Zay Yat, Oak Twin, Bago Divsion
Taungoo-3BagoNo(14/487), Corner of Ygn-Mdy rd and InnWa Rd, (Near Daw Chaw Pagoda),Mingyinyo Qtr, Taungoo, Bago Division
Gyo Bin GaukBagoNo(1) ,Ygn-Pyay Road,1-Ya/PyinTaungTwin,Bago
Pyay-2BagoNo.150,Bogyoke Road,Ywar BaeYat Qtr, Pyay Township.
ZigoneBagoNo(133),5th Quarter, Yangon-Pyay Road,,TharYarWaTi District,Zigon Township
Padaung Oke Shit PinBagoNo(29/A),Padaung-TaungGoke St, Yadanapon Qtr, OkeShitPin Tsp.
Paung DeBagoNo(36/Zay Yat),Corner OF Ygn-Pyay & Pateekone St, Min Kwat (3),Paung De Tsp.
Pyay-4BagoNo(349),LanShae St,Ta Lan Maung Kwae,SanTaw Qtr, Pyay Tsp.
Shwe TaungBagoU Pine No (59,60,61) Corner Of Ygn-Pyay Road and, 2Tan Kwat ThaYet Taw Qtr, Shwe Taung.
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
TedimChinNo(178), Kannhount St,Lwal Bwar Qtr, Tedim, Chin State
HakhaChinNo(27), Hakha- Maupin Road and Bogyoke Road, Hakha, Chin State
FalamChinNo 62,Kwin No. (12/BALAI), BoGyoke Street, Balai Quarter, Falam, Chin State
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
MyawaddyKayinNo.C-48, Bayintnaung Rd, 4Qtr, Myawaddy
Myawaddy-2KayinNo.86, BayintNaug Road, 4 Quarter, Myawaddy, Kayin State.
Myawaddy-3KayinU-Paing No-345,346,347,348, Asia Road, No-4 Qtr, Myawaddy, Kayin State.
Hpa-an-1KayinU-Paing No.(88/4, 88/5), Corner Of ZayTan St & ThaZin St, Zay Tan Rd, 2 Qtr, Hpa-An, Kayin State.
Hpa-an-2KayinNo 23, Bogyoke ST, Shwe Nyaung Pin,,5 Qtr, Hpa-An, Kayin State.
KawKaReikKayinNo.43, BoGyoke Str, 6Qtr, KawKaReik, Kayin State.
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
MagweMagweNo(464-465), PyiThawThar St, YanMyoAung Yet, Magway
ChaukMagweNO.21, U Paing No. 72, Lanmadaw Road, No. 10 Qtr, East Kwat Thit, Chauk, Magwe.
Min BuMagweN0.(40,15), Block(1329), (4) Qtr, Minbu - Saku Road, Kanyae Ward, Minbu.
Ye Sa GyoMagweU Paing No(15/16) Seittathukha (North) , No- 13,2 Qtr, Yaesakyo, Magwe Division.
Magwe-2MagweNO.12, Corner Of BEHS(2) St and BoGyoke St, YwarThitPweKyoe Qtr, Magwe.
Magwe-3Magwe(City)NO(343),Corner Of Ahtaka (1)Kyaung st and ThuKhiTar st, YanMyoLone Qtr, Magwe Tsp.
AunglanMagweNo.275,Corner of Pyay St and 13 St,Tayawgone Qtr,AungLan Township
Papokku-1MagweIndependent Street, No 8 Qtr, Pakokku Tsp
Gan GawMagweNo(2) , Bogyoke Street,Sipintaryar Quarter, GanGaw Township.
SalinMagweNo.55/59, Nayapatisithu Street, ZayMa Qtr, Salin Tsp.
Pwint PhyuMagweU Paing No(201),Cherry St,Middle Qtr,Pwint Phyu Tsp, Magwe Division
Papokku -2MagweNo(12),MyoeMa St, KhanTaw Qtr,Pakokku Tsp,Magwe
Sin Phyu KyunMagweNo(65),LanMadaw St,No(2) Qtr,,Pareik Qtr, Sin Phyu Kyun
Nat MaukMagweNo(177),Magwe ST,,Zay Qtr,Natmauk Tsp
Taung Twin GyiMagweNo. 101, Magye Street, Shwe Kyar Inn (2) Qtr, Taung Twin Gyi , Magwe Division
Yay Nan ChaungMagweNo.126, Bogyoke street,South-Myoma Qtr,Yenanchaung Tsp
Pyay-3MagweNo-70,Corner Of Bayintnaung and MyoeThit(15) St, Khittayar MyoeThit, Pyay Tsp.
Pyay-1MagweNo(201),LanMaDaw St,Shwe Ku Qtr,Pyay
ThaYetMagweNO(176),Merchant St,Shwe Bon Thar Qtr,Thayet,Magwe Division
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
MawLaMyine-4MonNo-4,Grounf Floor, Ocean Center, Bet Thein Kone St & Taninntharye St, BoKone Qtr, ThanLwin Garden
Compound, MawLaMyaing , Mon State.
MawLaMyine-3MonNo.417, Lower Road, Mayangone Qtr, MawLaMyaing , Mon State.
MawLaMyine-2MonNo.75,NO(128/Gakyi),Kyauk Mee Thway Yone St,Kwin Qtr,Mawlamyin,Mon
MawLaMyineMonNo.(11/ 12-1/ 12-2), Lower Main Rd ,Phet Tan Qtr, MawLaMyaing Road, Mon State.
BilinMonNo.163, Yangon-MawLaMyaing Highway Rd,KanTharYar Qtr, BILIN, Mon State
MuDonMonNo.(67), SelMyaungLanWa , MLM-TBZ MAIN Rd, MyotMa (1) Qtr,MuDon, Mon State.
ThanPhyuZaYatMonNo(80),Aung San Rd, Sat Thit Qtr, ,ThanPhyuZayat, Mon State
KyaikMaRawMonNo(240),KyaikMaYaw-MawLaMyaing Road,,(4) Qtr,KyaikMaRaw Tsp,Mon State
Tha Ton-2MonNo-88, Min St, Yangon-MawLaMyaing Road,, Nang Khae Qtr, Thaton Tsp, Mon State
Kyaik HtoMonNo.(21/N), Boyoke RD,,Northern Qtr , Kyeik Hto Tsp, Mon State
Tha Ton-1MonNo.(69), PhaYarGyi (South) ,Thein Gone Qtr, YGN-MLM Highway,Thaton Tsp, Mon State
Chaung ZoneMonNo.(779/ B-KawTar), Bogyoke Rd, Eastern ChaungZon Qtr, ChaungZon Tsp, Mon
YaeMonNo.68, BoGyoke Street,,YanGyiAung Qtr, Yae, Mon State
PaungMonNo(27/B), Minn St, MawLaMyaing- Yangon Road,Pound Qtr, Paung, Mon State
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Sittwe-2RakhineAka-2,Akoutyone St,Kyay Pin Gyi Qtr,Sittwe Tsp,Rakhine State .
TaungupRakhineNo-195,Corner Of Bogyoke Str & Maharmyaing Str, (3/Kanpaing) Qtr ,Field No(11-Kan Paing ),Taungup TSp
Mrauk URakhineNo.19/Kha, Ygn-Sittwe Main road,,Sinchaeseik Qtr,Mrauk U
MunaungRakhineUpy No-189/2,No-4,U Oattama St,MyoeMa Qtr,Munaung Tsp,Rakhine State
ThandweRakhineNo.49,Corner of Bayintnaung St,Thit Sar 3 Qtr,Thandwe
Kyauk PhyuRakhineNo(65), Zay Street, Middle Qtr,Kyauk Phyu Tsp, Rakhine State
Sittwe-1RakhineNo (10)Main Road ,South Yupa Qtr,Sittwe Tsp;
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Monywa - 3SagaingNo-1,Ocean Super Center Bogyoke rd, South Monywa,,Sagaing Division
Monywa - 4SagaingNo11/31,Corner of Kyauk Kar St &Pay 80 st, Bhone Soe Qtr, Monywar,Sagaing Division
Kaw Lin-1SagaingNo.281,Oakkan Street, KawLin
TamuSagaingZayTan(2) Bogyoke Street,Tamu
HomalinSagaingNo,42/65,Aung San Street,Noungpakyit Quarter,Homalin
KhamtiSagaingNo.027,Lal Oo Tan street,Myot Ma Quarter,Khamti
KatharSagaingNo 147 ,(4/10)Qtr,Bo Tae Street,Kathar Tsp,Sagaing Division.
YeOoSagaingNo. 5B. Zaythit Taung. Aung san Qtr. Yay Oo. Sagaing.
KalaySagaingNo(3/3),Bogyoke Road,Pinlon Qr,Kalaymyo, Sagaing Division,Myanmar.
KanbaluSagaingNo.2,Field No(3),Tapin ShweHtee Road,3 Qtr, KanBaLu Tsp, Sagaing Division
Monywa-5SagaingIn Front of ShweTaung Oil Station, Kwae Gyi Qtr, Monywa, Sagaing Division.
Monywa-2Sagaing4/24,Akwat No - 681,BoGyoke St,Monywa (South) Qtr,Monywa,Sagaing Division
Myin MuSagaingNo.1/212, Monywa-Mandalay road, Bandula Qtr, Myinmu, Sagaing Division
Kalay-2SagaingNo.UPY(140-140/1),Akwat(8/East Tahan), Bogyoke St,San Myo Ward,Kalay Myo,Kalay Dirtrict,Sagaing Division.
Shwebo-1SagaingN0(6),Kyae Tine Su Qtr, Aung Zayyar St, ShweBo.
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Taunggyi-1Shan(South)No.154,Bo Gyoke Aung San Road, Lanmadaw Qtr,Taunggyi
Taunggyi-4Shan(South)No-48,East Myoe Pat ST,,Thittaw Qtr, Taunggyi
Aung BanShan(South)No-47. PyiHtaungSu Main Rd,4 Qtr,Aung Ban
Tarchileik-2Shan(East)No(3,4,13,20,29),Bogyoke Aung San Road,Mae Khaung Quarter,Tarchileik Township
Kyaing Tong -2Shan(East)No(14),Kyaing Lann (1) St, 2Qtr, Kyaing Tong Tsp.
TarchileikShan(East)1/2, Cherry Road,,Tarlot Qtr,Tarchileik
Lashio-2Shan(North)No.7/26, Theinni Rd , 12 Qtr,,Lashio
Muse-1Shan(North)Ha-1/ 1,Corner Of PyiHtaungSu & KhwarNyo ST,Homon Qtr, Muse
Lashio-1ShanNO(12/1)Bogock st corner of Thazin st /LASHIO
Lashio-3ShanQuarter 1/Narmakhaw Highway Kar win /No.A4 /Lashio/Shan State
KalawShanNo.10, 5 Quarter, Min Road, Kalaw Township, Shan State
NamsangShan(3/10) Pyay Htaung Su Road,Qtr (3) Namgsang.
Ayetharyar-1ShanNo(51/54) Block No(48) Quarter(5) PyiTaungSu Str, Ayetharyar Taunggyi Township
Taunggyi 3Shan2/325,Yay Htwat Oo Street, Phayar Phyu Quarter ,Taunggyi
Shwe NyaungShanNo (436-A),District-10,Danatheintdi Qtr,Shwe Nyaung Township.
NaungChoShanNo(86)Zay Qtr /Block (5) Lashio Mandalay road, Naung Cho
Branch NameRegion/ CityAddress
Myeik-3TanintharyiNo 399, Padauk Shwe War Street, Naukle Quarter, Myeik
Dawei-1TanintharyiNo-14,Neitvan St,Myoe Twin Qtr,Dawei Tsp, Tanintharyi
Myeik-1TanintharyiNo.13(B),Pyitawthar St,Seik Nge Qtr,Myeik.
KawThaungTanintharyiNo. 205(A)Bo Gyoke Rd,Byinnaung Qtr, KawThaung
Myeik-2TanintharyiNo (109), Bo Gyoke St, Seik Nge Qtr, Myeik Tsp,Tanintharyi.
Dawei-2TanintharyiNo. 857,Ararni Rd, Kayatpyin(North) Qtr, Dawei.

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