Announcement – Branch Services available Nationwide

Dear Valued Customers,

KBZ Bank is working hard to bring essential banking services to our customers during this difficult period while also prioritising the health and safety of our staff and customers. We will do everything we can to ensure as many branches as possible are open, however, we ask for your understanding and patience as we may face some limitations due to staff availability. Branches may open and close on short notice, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

As per the announcement from the Central Bank of Myanmar, the branch operating hours will be from 9:30am to 3pm. 

We continue to encourage our customers to use our digital banking services to conveniently manage your finances. For more information on mBanking and iBanking please visit

Please check below for Self-services: 

Self-services  Contacts
Corporate iBanking Account Openingsales.transactionbanking
Corporate iBanking Errortbd.corpibankingops
Bank Account/ Card Statement Balance Checking Contact Center
Forgot Pin/ ATM/mBanking, iBanking Error Contact Center
Transaction Lock/ mBanking, iBanking Error Contact Center
KBZPay Error (KYC) KBZPay Call Center

Customers looking to make a withdrawal can book appointments via the KBZPay app under the ‘Branch Appointments’ function.

Click here to see the step by step video on how to make branch appointments with KBZPay

7 June – Branches Open Nationwide

Branch NameAddress
8 MileNo(95-A), 8 Mile Business Center, Level -1, Unite (A), KyaikWine Pagoda Rd, Mayangone Tsp, Ygn.
9 Mile (YGN-73)No(147), Airport View Tower, Pyay Road (5)qtr, 9 Mile, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon
AhlonNo.(331), Strand Rd, Ahlone Tsp, Yangon.
Alone Htaw Li Kway (YGN-84)No.(43/44)(A)(2/A)(3/A)(4/A), Kannar Road, Sinmin Quarter, Ahlone Township, Yangon
Aung San Stadium (YGN-77)Building 20/22, Room-234, Corner Of Gyo Phyu Str and , Alanpya Pagoda Str, 7 Qtr, Mingalar Taungnyut Tsp
BahosiNo.(770/774), Between Bogyoke Aung San Rd & Phoe Yarzar Rd, Lanmadaw Tsp, Yangon.
Bayintnaung-1Nya(48-49), Ground Flr, Yuzana St, Bayintnaung Ware Huse, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Bayintnaung-2No.313, Corner Of Kyansittthar St And 11 St, 1 Qr, Myg, Yangon
Bayintnaung-3No (sa-46) Ab, Seinpan Street, 1st Qtr, Bayintnaung Broker's Sale Center Compound, Mayangone Tsp
Bo Myat Tun StreetNo.(191), Bo Myat Tun Road, Botahtaung Tsp, Yangon
Bogyoke RoadNo.88, BoGyoke Rd, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon.
Botahtaung-1No.178, Bo Aung Kyaw Rd, Botahtung Tsp, Ygn.
Botahtaung-2No 182/194 Botahtaung Pagoda Road, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon
Corner of Anawyahta Rd and Shwedagon Pagoda Rd (YGN-130)No(16-C-3), Corner Of Anawrahta Road And, Shwedagon Pagoda Road Pabedan Tsp, Yangon.
DalaNo-1170, Dala-twantay Rd, Banyardala Qtr, Dala Tsp, Yangon Division
Danyingone MarketNo.(a-22), Kanaungminthargyi Road, Danyingone, Vegetables And Flowers Wholesale, Insein Township, Yangon Division
DawbonNo.(265, 267, 269), Minnandar Rd, Burmaaye Qtr, Dawbon Tsp, Yangon.
HlaingNo.41, Banyintnaung Rd, Aye Yeik Mon Housing, Hlaing
Hlaing Tharyar-1No.1946, A Sint Myint Rd,(6) Qtr, Industrial Zone (2), Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp, Yangon.
Hlaing Tharyar-2No(2/Kha), Ward No (Thakama-16), Anawrahtta St, Hlaing Tharyar Tsp, Ygn.
Hlaing Tharyar-3No.285/ka, 285/kha, 286/kha, Corner Of Seinpanmyaing And Tayooyin St, 7 Qtr, Hlaingtharyar Tsp, Yangon Division
Hlaing Tharyar-4Rm No.(2), Ground Floor, Tapinshwehtee Housing, Corner Of Tapinshwehtee Rd And Naungtone Rd, Hlaingtharyar Tsp, Yangon Division
HleguUpaing No(23), Field No(1145), Ygn-mdy Old Raod, Aungmingalar Qtr, Hlegu Tsp, Yangon Division
HmawbiNo-410, Yangon-pyay Road, 3 Qtr, Hmawbi Township, Yangon Divison
Htauk KyantNo.(54-a), Nat Yae Twin Qtr, Htauk Kyant Village, No.(1) Ygn-pyay Main Rd,Mingalardon Tsp, Yangon.
Insein - Pork Taw WaNo(548), Bayintnaung Main Rd, Pauk Taw Qtr, Insein.
International Banking DivisionNo.53, 6 Storeyoffice Bld, Corner Of Merchant Rd &, Bo Son Pat St, Pabedan Tsp, Yangon Division
Junction City (YGN-117)NO.03-053, (3)rd FLR, Junction City, Cor Of Shwedagon Pagoda And Bogyoke Rd, Pabedan Tsp.
Kabar Aye Pagoda RoadThe Central Boulevard , Shop (38), Retail Street 1/f (ground Floor), Cornor Of Kabaraye Pagoda Road And Kanbe Road, Yankin Township
Kamayut-1No(615/1), Pyay Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon Region, Myanmar
Kan Taw KalayNo.1/2, (A,B,C) Bld Shwe Mya Ya Housing, Myayargone St, Mingalartaung Nyunt Tsp.
Kandawgyi Yeik Mon (YGN-100)No.MS-4, KanTawGyi Villa, BLDG Project, Upper Mandalay Rd, Mingalartaungnyunt Tsp, YGN.
KawhmuNo(1), Bogoke Rd, MyoMa Qtr, KawHmu Tsp, Yangon Region.
KyauktadarNo.(33/49), Corner Of Bank St & Mahabandula St,Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon.
KyauktanNo(153), Kannar Street, Middle Qtr,Kyauktan Tsp, Yangon Division
Kyaut Myaung ZayNo(206), Kyikekasan, Kyar Kwet Thit Qtr, Tamwe Tsp, Yangon
Kyee Myin DaingNo(578), Lower Kyee Myin Daing Rd, (Near Bargyar), Pan Hlaing Tsp, Kyeemyindaing Tsp, Yangon.
Kyun Taw LanBld.(1), Junction Square Compound, Kyuntaw Rd,Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon.
Lamin Tharyar Condo (YGN-79)No-(133),Building-(A-1),Ground Floor,(G-1),Lamin Tharyar Condo,Coner Of Satt Yone St & Bo Min Young St,Yae Twin Kone Qtr,Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tps,Ygn.
Lanmadaw - 1Block B, Unit 01-06/07, Lanmadaw Condo Centre
Lanmadaw - 4stNo.312-318, Room A003-004-103-104, Great Well Asia Tower 1 Qtr.
Lower Kyee Myin Dine Road (YGN-102)No.279, Lower Kyee Myin Dine Rd, HtarNar Qtr, AhLone Tsp, YGN.
Mahabandoola RoadNo(10/h), Room-g01/02/03/04(podium A), Corner Of Mahabandula And 48 St, Botahtaung Tsp
Merchant RoadNo(537/539), Ground Fl, Corner of Konethe St & Pansoda, Kyauktada Tsp, Ygn.
MICT ParkRoom No(101,102,103,112,113,114), Ground Flr, MICT Park,University Hlaing Myay, (12)Qtr, HLG Tsp.
Middle Baho Str (Mayangone, (ygn-108))No.64, Corner Of Middle Baho St & U Aung Min St, 2-qtr, Mayangone.
Midama St (YGN-110)No(a-3), Mindama St, Shwekabar Housing,(3) Qtr, Mayangone Tsp
Min Ye Kyaw SwarBld (a1), Minyekyawswar Road, Myks Economic Bld Project, Lmd Tsp, Ygn
MingalardonNo.(170), Kha Yay Pin Rd,(2/kha) Qtr, Mingalardon Tsp, Yangon.
Mingalardone (Industrial Zone)No 196,01-12A & 01-13 ( first floor) Terminal M Mall, 8, Kayak Yeik Tar, Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Mingalarzay-1No.01-03/05, Set Yone St, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp.
Myanmar Centre (YGN-92)No 192, (G-26, G-27), Vietnum Building, Kabaraye Pagoda Rd, Bahan Tsp, Yangon Division
MyaynigoneNo. (275-A), Ground Floor, Red Hill Tower, Pyay Road, South Kyun Taw Ward, San Chaung Tsp, Yangon
NaungpinlayzayNo.(48) Lanmadaw Street, Latha Township, Yangon
New University Avenue - 1No.(441), Room No.(G Fl, Level-2), New University Avenue Rd, Sayarsan Qtr, Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
North Dagon- 7&8 JunctionNo-1055, Pyi Htaung Su Str, 38 Qt, North Dagon, Yangon
North Dagon-1No.36, Pinlon Road, 32 Qtr, North Dagon
North Okkalapa - 1No.(315), Gagyi Qtr, Thudamar Rd, North Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon.
North Okkalapa-2 (YGN-94)76/B, 77/A, Thudamar Road, 2 Quarter, North Okkalapa Township, Yangon
North Okkalapa-4 (YGN-104)No(259/a), Khaymar Thi Road, (Gange) Qtr, North Oakkalapa Tsp, Yangon
Panpingyi Street (YGN-75)No-92, Panpingyi St, Magyipintan (East)Qtr, Kyeemyindaing T/S, Yangon.
PansodanNo.181/187, Mei Bussiness Tower, Middle, Pansodan Street, Kyauktada Township
ParamiNo.39, 8 Quarter, Parami Road, Yankin Township, Yangon
PazundaungNo(58), WinShweYee Plaza, Upper PZD Rd, PZD Tsp, YGN.
Pearl CondoNo(15-B), Ground Floor, Pearl Condo, Cornor of Kabaraye Pagoda Road And Saya san Road, Saya San (South) Quarter, Bahan Township ,Yangon.
Pyapon Street (YGN-111)No.(49A), Kyuntaw St, Phapone St Corner, Kyuntaw South Qtr, Sanchaung Phapone St, Sanchuang Tsp
Sanchaung-BargayarNo129, Room B011, 012, 003, Coner of Bargayar.
Sanchaung-baho Road (ygn-133)No(63/65), Ground Floor(c+d), Shan Str, (baho Road), Thirikhaymar Qtr, Sanchaung
Sawbwargyigone-186/87, Lan Thit St, Nant Tar Gone Qr, Yangon
Sawbwargyigone-2No.140, Bld C, Cor Of Khine Shwe War And Nilar St, Saw Bwar Gyi Gone
Seik Kan Thar Street (LEWIS ST) (YGN-85)No(131), Seik Kan Thar st, (7)Qtr, Kyauktada Tsp, Yangon.
Shwe Taung Kyar St (YGN-127)No(10), Shwe Taung Kyar Street, Shwe Taung, Kyar (2) Word, Bahan Township, Yangon
Shwe Tharaphi Avenue (YGN-76)N0-38,bayintnaung Road, Shwe Thayaphi Yatemon Housing, Kamaryut Tsp, Yangon.
ShwegonedineN0.(212-a), Ground Fl (101/102), Middle Shwe Gone Daing Rd,Bahan Tsp, Yangon.
ShwepyitharBld No.A, Bayintnaung St, AMC Staff Housing, Shwepyithar Industrial Zone(3), Shwepyithar Tsp, Yangon Division
Shwepyithar‐2No.(5/4-157), Corner Of Bogyoke Road And Khaingmarlar St,5 Qtr, Shwepyithar Tsp, Yangon Division
South Dagon - 1No.(13), Corner Of Pyihtaungsu Main Rd & Mya Sapal Rd, (24) Qtr, Near South Dagon Industrial Zone, South Dagon Tsp, Yangon.
South Okkalapa - 1No.(586), Than Thu Mar Rd,(7) Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon.
South Okkalapa-ThumingalarNo-151/B,Thumingalar St,12 Qtr,South Oakkalarpa,Ygn.
South Okkalapa-Yatanar StNo-337, Ground Floor, (g1-g2), Yadana St,11 Qtr, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
South Okkalapa-Thitsar Street (YGN-82)No(472), Thitsar Road, Qtr(3), South Oakkalarpa Tsp, Yangon.
Sule Pagoda RoadNo(232), Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.
TaikkyiNo.(209), Ygn-pyay Main Rd, Station Qtr, Taik Kyi Tsp, Yangon.
TamweBuilding (24/B), U Chit Maung Housing, U Chit Mg St,Tamwe Tsp, Yangon.
ThamineNo.(6/D-2), Kyike Wine Pagoda Rd, Thamine Ward, Mayangone Tsp, Ygn.
ThanlyinNo.(146), Block.(14), U-paing No.(16), Bogyoke Nay Win St, Myotma Taung Qtr, , Thanlyin Tsp, Yangon.
TharketaNo.165,Ground Fl(Left), Zingama St, 2/North Ward, Thaketa, Ygn.
Tharkayta ‐ Kamarkyi (YGN‐90 )No(7), Corner Of Shukhinnthar St & Yadanar (5) St,Kamakyi Housing, 9 Qtr, Thakata Tsp, Yangon Division
Thein Phyu StreetNo.484, Thein Phyu St, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp, YGN.
Thingangyun - 1No.(23), Tosta Tower, Ground Fl & (1st) Fl, Corner Of Laydaungkan Rd & Zawana Rd,Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon.
Thingangyun(SanPya Market) (YGN-81)No.57, Near Sanpya Market, Laydaungkan Rd, Laydaungkan Qtr, Thingankyun Tsp, Yangon
ThuwanaBuilding (5), Thuwana Developing Project Housing, Thanthumar Rd, (24) Ward, Thingyun Tsp, Ygn.
TwantayU Paing No. 5/6/7, Bogyok St, Zaythit Qtr, Twantay Tsp, Yangon Division
University Avenue-2No.130, 9 Qtr, University Avenue Road, Kamayut Tsp, Yangon Division
U Wizarya Lane-1No(278/b), U Wizarya St, Kamayut Tsp, Yangon.
U Wizarya Lane-2 (YGN-106 )No.355, U WiZarYa St, North MyaeNiGone Qtr, SanChaung Tsp.
West Shwegondine Rd (YGN-107)No.133B, West SGD Rd, West SGD Qtr, BaHan Tsp, YGN.
Yangon Branch‐113 Insein‐Phaw KanNo(62), Lower Mingalardone St, Phawt Kan Qtr, Insein Tsp, Yangon Division
YankinBld.(38), Room No.(g-a, B), Myintzu Yee Condo, Moekaung St, 13 Qtr, Kyaukkone,Yankin Tsp, Yangon.
Tharkayta ‐ Kamarkyi(YGN‐90)No(7), Corner Of Shukhinnthar St & Yadanar (5) St,Kamakyi Housing, 9 Qtr, Thakata Tsp, Yangon Division
Yuzana PlazaNo-(M-7), Yuzana St, Mingalar Garden Project, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp, YGN.

Branch NameAddress
AmarapuraNo(117), Oae Taw Qtr, Yay Twin Nyi Naung Ward, Sagaing-Mandalay Rd, Mandalay.
MDY-1No (230), Lan-80, ၊ Between (31×32) st, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-2(84) St,Between (26 & 27), North Zay Cho Apartment, Chanayetharsan Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-3No.131/A, Corner of 78 st & 34 st, Shwe Chi Htoe (East) Qtr, Chanayetharsan, Mandalay.
MDY-4 (KhinSawMu)No.23/Kha, (78) st, Khin Saw Mu Corner, North Chanmyaetharsi Ward, Maharaungmyay, Mandalay.
MDY-5No.(746), (30th) St, Between 71 St & 72 St, Chan Aye Thar Zan Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-6(Pyigyitakhun)No.(Sa-80), Corner of 10 st & Ygn-Mdy Rd, Chan Myae Thayar Qtr, Pyi Gyi Takon Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-7No(462), 80 th St, Between 28 th - 29 th st, Chanayetharsan East Qtr, Mandalay
MDY-8No-313, 28 th St, Between 83 rd & 81st, Chanayetharzan (Middle) Ward, Chanaye Tharzan Tsp, Mdy.
MDY-926 St, Aung Taw Mu.
MDY-10No.313, 35 st, Between 82×83, Maharaungmyay Tsp, Mandalay
MDY-11No.603, 84 St, Between 42×45 St, Shwe Bone Shein Qtr, Maharaungmyay Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-13No(53), 83St, (20×21) Rd, Pearl Ngwe Yaung Qtr, Aung Myay Tharzan Tsp, Mandalay Division.
MDY-14Building(16), (4) th floor, Pyigi Mingalar Kontin Car Park, Near Swaltaw Pagoda, Amarapura Tsp, Mdy.
MDY-15No(283), Between (83rd × 84 th)st, Aungnang Yeik Thar (East) Ward, Chanayetharsan Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-16No(113-Ka), (85) St, Between (32×33) St, Aungnanyeikthar (West) Ward, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay
MDY-17No(1-Tha/1), (66) st, Between (26×27) St, Pyi Gyi Myat Mhan Ward, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mdy.
MDY-19No.13/gagyi, Akwat (dha-10), Theikpan Rd, Between 66 & 67 St, Maharmyaing Qtr, Maaharaungmyae Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-20No(19), 26 St, Between (88×89)St, Thirihaymar (East) Qtr, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-21No(23), 62 St, Between (19×20) St, Ahnaketaw Qtr, Aungmyaytharsan Tsp, Mandalay
MDY-22Room No(1), Block-7၊ Mingalar-Mandalay Project, (73)St, Between Thazin St & Nguwar St, Myoe Ma (1)Qtr,Chan Mya Tharzi Tsp, Mandaly.
MDY-24No.(5), (73)St, Between (29x30), Patkone Wounkyin Qtr, Chanayetarzan Tsp, Mandalay Division.
MDY-25No.160, C-6 Qtr, 64-St, Corner of MaNawHaRi Rd, MyoThit-3 ward, ChanMyaTharSi Tsp, MDY.
MDY-27 (Man Myo Thit)No-(Ta/4/43),62 St,Between of Nyu Pyar St & Thazin St, Myoethit(1) Ward, Chanmyatharsi Tps,Mdy.
MDY-30No.23/Kha, (78) st, Khin Saw Mu Corner, North Chanmyaetharsi Ward, Maharaungmyay, Mandalay.
MDY-32No-(3+4+11), Block No-169, Corner Of 84 & 24 St, Pyaygyikyatthayae Qtr, Aung Myay Thar Zan Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-33No.453, Corner of (33*81)St, Akwat No(556), East Aung Nan Avenue Qtr, Chan Aye Thar San Tsp, MDY.
MDY-34 (Anoukpyin 19 St Branch)No.23, Ward 146, 19 St, Between 80 & 81 St, Maw Ga Thiri Qtr, Aung Myay Thar San Tsp, MDY.
MDY-35No.8171, 62 St, Between 31 & 32 St, PyayGyiMyatShin Qtr, Chan Aye Thar San Tsp, MDY.
MDY-36Unit-1, Block-7, 73 St, Between Thazin And Ngu Shwe War St, Myothit(1) Qtr, Mingalar Mandalay Project, Chanmyatharsi Tsp, Mandalay.
MDY-37(MDY UNIVERSITY-BAW DI GONE)No.34, Akwat No(689), MaHar NweSin Qtr, MaHarAungMyay Tsp, MDY.
MDY-39Upaing No-10, Akwat No(ma-79), 35 St, Bet 56-57 St, Ye Mon Taung Qtr, Maharaungmyay Tsp, Mandalay Division
MDY-40No.(9+22), (62)St, Between SanPya St & ThaKhin BhoeHlaGyi St, (Za)Qtr, PyiGyiTaKhon Tsp, MDY.
MDY-42(INDUSTRIAL PARK BRANCH)No.G-1-D, YGN - MDY MainRd, Near Industry Park Zone(1), PyiGyiTaKon Tsp, MDY.
MDY-44Building No(5), Coner Of (26×74), SeintTaYaMaHe Houseing, ChanAyeTharZan Tsp, MDY.
KumeUpaing No.ka/67/1/kha, Yangon-mandalay Road, Tharyaraye Quarter, Kume, Mandalay.
Kyaukpadaung No.(Sa-197/198), Ygn-Pyay-Mdy Main Rd, Sanpya Qtr, Kyaukpadaung, Mandalay.
KyaukseNo.(MaYa-404), 72-B, KyatMinn TonKwin, YGN-MDY Rd.
MadayaNo(Du-41), Qtr No (288-kha/2), No(2), Myothit, Corner Of 25st & Bayintnaung St, Madaya, Mandalay.
MahlaingNo(105), Zay St (North), (4) Qtr, Ma Hlaing Tsp, Meikhtila District, Mdy.
Meiktila-1No.(ma/236), Ygn-mdy Main Rd, Warten St, Warten Ward, Meikthila, Mandalay.
Meiktila-2No.(104), Tadaroo Rd, Panhteintan Ward, Myotma (4), Meiktila, Mandalay.
Meiktila-4No.7/8, Room-B, Yangon-Mandalay Road, Aungzayya Qtr, Meikhtila, Mandalay.
Meiktila-5No.(19/8)PyiTharYar, Between PyiTharYar(2)st & (3)st, Behind Ygn-Mdy Rd, PyiTharYar Qtr, Meikhtilar Tsp.
Mogoke -1No.(31-32), Bogyoke Rd, Zayhaung Qtr, Mogok, Mandalay.
Mogoke-2 Kyat PyinNo(Ma-265), Kyatpyin Myoma Qtr, Mogyoke Tsp, Pyin Oo Lwin Tsp, Pyin Oo Lwin District, Mdy.
Myingyan-3No(231/Soonlon), Bogyoke Main Road,19th Quarter, Myingyan, Mdy Region
MyitthaNo.4/a-b, Bogyok Street, Shanpwe Qtr, Myittha, Mandalay.
NahtogyiNo.416/480, Myinchan-ye Winn Street, 4 Qtr, Nahtogyi, Mandalay.
New BaganNo(12), Thein Ga Yet, Ah Naw Ya Htar Qtr, Cor Of Lanmataw St And (5)st, Bagan Myothit, Nyaung Oo Tsp, Mandalay.
Nyaung OoNo.(13/c), Corner Of Ahnawyahtar Rd & Nyaungoo-kyaukpadaung Rd, No(3), Aungthidi Yat, Nyaungoo, Mandalay.
PatheingyiNo.498/a, Patheingi Road, Kyigone Quarter, Patheingyi Tsp, Mandalay.
Patheingyi OhngyawOo Py(54/2), Quad (558/ohgyaw Mountain), Mdy-pol Rd, Ohgyaw No(4), Qtr, Ohgyaw Sanpya Village, Patheingyi Tsp, Mandalay.
Pyawbwe BranchU-paing No.(52), Maharbandula Rd, Myinbat Qtr, Pyawbwe Tsp, Mandalay.
Pyin Oo Lwin-1No.(9-b/ 80), Block.(2), Corner Of Station Rd & Mdy-lso Main Rd, Pyin Oo Lwin, Mandalay.
Sint GaingUpaing No.a-23/1, Ward.9/yanaungmyin, Yangon-mandalay Rd, Yanaungmyin Qtr, Sint Kaing, Mandalay.
TaungtharUpaing No(83, 84), Yangon-taungthar Rd, No.3 Qtr, Tan Myint Kyoung, Taungthar, Mandalay.
Thazi BranchNo.(4/d), Mtla-tgi Main Rd, (1st) Qtr, Thazi Tsp, Meiktila District, Mandalay.
WundwinNo(37/68), No.(3) Myotma Qtr, , Wundwin, Meiktila District, Mandalay.
Yamethin BranchNo.(102), (28) Qtr, Aungmingalar Ward, Yamaethin Tsp, Mandalay.
Branch NameAddress
BogaleNo(28), No(3) Ward, Phyarpone District, Bogalay.
EainmeNo.37, BoGyokeAungSan Rd, KanNar St, Upper Qtr, EainMae.
DanuphyuNo.29, U Paing No.105, MyayTine Qtr(Middle) Corner of Pagoda Rd & KhayMar Rd, DaNuByu Tsp, Ayeyarwady.
Hinthada-1No(49), Nat Maw St, North U Yin Qtr, Hinthada.
Hinthada‐2No(138), Natmaw St, Tarkalay Qtr, Hinthada, Ayeyarwaddy Division
Hinthada-3No(4/5), UWiZaYa St, PaYarGyi Qtr, HinThaTa Town, AYA Division.
KyaiklatNo(106), U Sandar st, (4) Qtr, Kyaiklatt Tsp, Ayeywaddy.
KyanginNo-37, Bogyoke Rd,,ywar Thit Qtr, Kyangin, Ayeyarwaddy Division
KyonpyawNo-687, Myawaddy St, Myawaddy Qtr, KyonPyaw Town, Ayarwaddy .
LabuttaNo(118), Merchant Rd, (5) Qtr, LaPutTa Town, AYA Division.
MaubinNo.(38), Corner Of Minn St & 5 St, (5-g, Middle Ward), 5 Qtr, ,maubin Tsp, Ayeyarwaddy.
MawkyunNo(178), Bo Tae St, Myoema (6) Qtr, Mawlamyinegyun Tsp, Ayeywaddy Region.
MyanaungNo(1), Lat Pan Yat Middle St, No(5) Ward, Myan Aung Tsp, Hinthada, Ayerwaddy Division.
MyaungmyaNo(14), Corner of (5)St & U Bacho St, (2) Qtr, Myaungmya Tsp, Ayeywaddy Division.
NyaungdonNo.270, Lamadaw St, (5)Qtr, NUD.
PantanawNo(M-277+M-278), Bayint Naung Rd, Myoquatthit (2), Myoquatthit Qtr, Pantanaw, Maubin District, Ayeyarwaddy Region.
Pathein-1No.232, Maharbandoola st(3) Qtr, Pathein.
Pathein‐2No.(8), Zaychaung Rd, 4 Qtr, Pathein, Ayeyarwaddy.
Pathein‐4 Min Ye Kyaw Swar StreetUpaing No(3/4/5), Akwat No(82/a), Minyekyawswar St, No(6) Region, Pathein, Ayarwaddy Division
PyaponNo(64/D-2), 5 Ward, Middle Kyaung Yat, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Pyapon Tsp, Ayeyarwaddy Division.
ZalunNo.797, AhDar St, LanMaDaw North Qtr, ZaLun Tsp, HinDaTa.
Branch NameAddress
Bago-1No.237/238, ShweMawDaw Pagoda Rd, YoneGyi Qtr, BGO.
Bago-2No.354, ThaNutPin St, ShinSawPu Qtr, East BGO.
Bago-3No.9, Corner Of Khine Thitsar St, 2nd Qtr, YGN-MDY Rd, OakThar Tsp, BGO.
Bago-4No (14/487), Ygn-mdy Rd And Innwa Rd Cor, (near Daw Chaw Pagoda), Mingyinyo, Taungoo Tsp
Bago-5Build -5, Rm(1+2), Nyaung Wine-18 St, ZayPai Qtr, BGO.
Bago-HpayargyiNo.33, Ygn-MLM Rd, Main Rd, Thamankone West, Bago Pagoda Gyi Tsp, BGO Division.
Bago-InntakawNo(7/32), Ygn-Mdy Rd, Big Qtr (3), InnTaKaw Town, Bgo Division.
Daik-UNo(411/b), Myo Win St, No-5, Thantadar Qtr, Daik-u
GyobingaukNo(1), Yangon-Pyay Rd, Pyinhtaungtwin Ward, Kyoe Pin Kouk Tsp, Mandalay.
Nyaung Le BinNo.22, BoGyoke St, MyoMa 3Rd Qtr, NLB.
Padaung-Oke Shit PinNo(29/Ka),PaneTaung-TaungKote St, Yadanarpone Qtr, OhuShitPin Town, PaneTaung Tsp, BGO Division.
PaungdeNo(36/ZayYat), Coner of Ygn-Pyay Rd & PuTeKone St, MinKwat(3), PaungDe Town, Pyay.
PhyuNo(42,Ka+Kha), Block(2/C), YGN-MDY Road, PYU.
Pyay-1No(201), Lanmadaw St, Shwe Ku Qtr, Pyay
Pyay-2No.150, Bogyoke Rd, Ywarbae Ward, Pyay.
Pyay-3No-70, Corner Of Bayintnaung And Myoethit(15) St, Khittayar Myoethit, Pyay Tsp.
Shwe TaungNo-22, Yangon-Pyay Highway Road, Thayettaw Quarter, Shwetaung Township.
Taunggoo-1No.362, KayTuMaDe St, 12Qtr-A, TGO.
Taunggoo-2No.77, Zay St, 15th Qtr, TGO Tsp.
ThoneselNo(234), Ygn-Pyay Rd, West Latpan Khone Qtr, Thonse Tsp, Tharyarwaddy District, Bago.
WawNo.15, Min Rd, ChanMyaTharSi Qtr, Waw City, BGO Division.
YedasheNo(31), Ygn - Mdy Rd, (2) Qtr, YayTarShay Town, TaungNgu State, Bago Division.
ZigoneNo(133), Ygn-Pyay St, (5)Qtr, Zeekone Tsp, Tharyarwaddy District, Bago Division.
Branch NameAddress
FALAMNo(62), Quin No(12/Balaing), Bogyoke st, Balaing Qtr, Falam Tsp, Chin State.
HakhaNo.27, HarKhar - MaTuP Rd & Bogyoke St, HarKhar Town, Chin State.
TedimNo (178), KanHouse St, LwalBwar Qtr, TeDim Town, Chin Stat.
Branch NameAddress
Bamaw-1Tha Sa(33), Bogyoke Rd, Tharsi Qtr, Bamaw.
Bamaw-2No.Ah La-91, Ahleiyat St, Bamaw, Kachin.
HopinNo(96), Pyihtaungsuroad, Myoema Southqtr, Hopin, Kachin State
MyitkyinaNO-18, Corner of Khayay Pin Rd, Thakhinnat Phay St, Myoema Qtr, Myitkyina.
Myitkyina-2No(22),SaMar St,Ayar Qtr, MyitkyinaTsp, KaChin State.
Moe GoungNo.(Sa/92), Zaykone Qtr, Near Myo Ma Zay, Mogaung Tsp, Kachin State
Pharkant-1No. Nga/13, 1st Road, Ngapyawtaw Ward, Pharkant
Branch NameAddress
LOIKAW-2No.214, U Paing no-61, 49/B Ward, LawPiTa St, LawDaMa Qtr, Loikaw, Kayah.
Branch NameAddress
Hpa-an - 1 No.88/4, 88/5, Near PhaYarGyi Win, Corner of Zay Tan St & Tha Zin St, Hpa-an.
Hpa-an-2No(23), Bogyoke st, Shwe Nyaung Pin Aquard, (5) Qtr, Phant Tsp, Kayin State.
KawkareikNo(43), Bogyoke Road,(6th) Quarter, Kawkareik, Kayin State.
Myawaddy-1No.C-48, Bayintnaung Rd, 4Qtr, MWD.
Myawaddy-3No.(345,346,347,348),Asia Rd,(4)Qtr, Myawaddy Tsp,Myawaddy Division,Kayin State.
Branch NameAddress
AunglanNo.275, Coner of Pyay St & 13St, TaYawGone Qtr, Aunglan Tsp, MaGwe.
ChaukNo(21), Upaing No(72), Lamataw St, (10)Qtr, (Eastern KwatThit), Chauk Town, Magwe.
GangawWin Thu Zar Building, BoGyoke St, Si Pin Tar Yar Qtr, GanGaw Tsp, Magwe.
Magwe-1No(464-465), PyiThawThar St, YanMyoAung Yet, MGWE.
Magwe-2No.12, Corner of BEHS(2) St & BoGyoke St, Ywar Thit Pwe Kyoe Qtr, MGWE.
Magwe-3No-343,Conner of Ah Hta Ka(1) st &Thu Ki Tar st,Yan Myo lone yat,Magwe Tsp,Mgwe.
MinbuNo.15, 4Ward, Kan Yae Qtr, MinBu SaKu St, MBU.
NatmaukNo(177), Magwe St, Zay Qtr, Natmauk Tsp
Pakokku-1No(6), Independent St, (8)Qtr, PaKokKu.
Pakokku-2No.(1), West KhanTaw, MyoMya St, (12)Qtr, PKU Tsp, MaGway Division.
Pwint PhyuNo.22, Cherry St, Middle Qtr, Pwint Phyu Tsp, Magwe DC.
SalinNo.55/59, Nayapatisithu Street, Zayma Quarter, Salin Township
Sin Phyu KyunNo(65), Lanmadaw Road, Pareikkhayar Yat, (2nd)Quarter, SinPhyu Kyun, Mayway Region.
TaungdwingyiNo(101),Magway Road,Shwekyarinn(2) Quarter,Taungdwingyi, Magway Region.
ThayetNo.176, Merchant (HtarNa) St, Shwe Bon Thar Qtr, TYT.
YenanchaungNo.126, BoGyoke St, South/MyoMa Qtr, YeNanChaung Tsp.
YesagyoUpy No-16, No-2 Qtr, Bogyoke St, North Seittathukha, Yesagyo Tsp, Magwe.
Branch NameAddress
BilinNo(163),Ygn-MLM High Way Car Lanma Gyi,Kantharyar Qtr, Beelin Tps,Mon State.
ChaungzonBoGyoke Main Rd, Eastern Chaung Zon Qtr, CZN.
KyaikmarawNo(240),Kyaikmaraw-Mawlamyine Road, Yan Myo Aung Quarter (4th), Kyaikmaraw, Mon State.
KyeikhtoNo.21/N, Bo Gyoke St, North ward, KHO.
Mawlamyaing-1No(101), Lower Rd, Phat Tan Block, Mawlamyine Tsp, Zay Gye.
Mawlamyaing-2No.75, Kwin Yet, Zay Kyo Myay, MLM.
Mawlamyaing-4No.4, G Flr, Thein Kone St - TaNinnTharYe St, BoGone Qtr, ThanLwin Garden Compound, MLM.
MudonNo.67, SaeMyung LanWa, MLM- ThanPhyuZayat Rd, MyoMa(1)Qtr, MDN.
PaungNo(27/Kha), Min St(MLM-Ygn Main Rd), Phaung Qtr, Paung Tsp, Mon State.
Thahton-2No(88), Min Rd(Ygn-MLM Main Rd), Nan Khae' Qtr, ThaHton Town, Mon State.
ThanphyuzayatNo.80, Aung San Rd, Sat Thit Qtr, TBZ Tsp.
YaeNo.68, BoGyoke St, YanGyiAung Qtr, Yae.
Branch NameAddress
Lei WayNo.6/464, Ygn-Mdy Old Rd, No(6)Qtr, LWY Tsp, MDY.
Nay Pyi Taw Myo Ma MarketYone No(2). MA-83. MyoMa Market. Zayya Thada quarter Zabu thiri Township Naypyitaw
Nay Pyi Taw-1No.1, Bank Ward, Oaktaya Thiri, NPT.
Nay Pyi Taw-2No.259-A, Yarzarhtarni St, Ywar Kok Qtr, Paung Laung-2, Pupathiri Tsp, NPT.
Nay Pyi Taw-3Tha Pyay Gone, Near MyoMa Zay.
Nay Pyi Taw-4Pa-97,98,99,100,101, Padauk Street, Thapyaygone Qtr, Zabuthiri Tps, Naypyitaw
Nay Pyi Taw-5No.(S-261,S-262.S-268,S-269)၊ Yaza Thingha Rode, Thapyaykone Quarter, ZabuThiri Township, Naypyitaw.
Pyinmana Branch-1No-74, Bo Tauk Htein Rd, Mingalar Qtr, PMN.
Pyinmana Branch-2No(7/Sa), YoukTwar-KanOo Qtr, PyinMaNa-TgNyo St, PyinMaNa Town, NayPyiTaw.
TatkonU-Paing No(98)-(19-Thuriya) Aung Zay Ya Qtr, YGN-MDY Main Rd,Tatkon, Naypyitaw
Branch NameAddress
Ann BranchOo Paing(113), Layyinkwinshaung Kwin St, Out Ywar Oat Su, 1 Qtr, Ann Township, Rakhine State
Kyauk TawNo-pa Ta(161), U Aungzanwai St, Pyitawthar Qtr, Kyauk Taw Tsp.
Kyauk PhyuNo(65), Zay Street, Middle Qtr, Kyauk Phyu Township, Rakhine State
MinbyaU Kyaw Oo St,zay Haung Paing Qtr,minbya
MunaungOo Paing 89/2,no-4,u Oattama St,,myoema Qtr, Munaung Tsp, Rakhine State
NgapaliMyapyin-lonethar-ngapali Main Rd, Myapyin Qtr, Ngapali Town, Thantwe District, Yakhnie State.
ThandweNo.49, Corner Of Bayintnaung St, Thit Sar 3 Qtr, Thandwe
ToungupNo-195, Cor Of Bogyoke Str And Maharmyaing Str, (3/kanpaing) Qtr, Field No(11-kanpaing), Toungup Tsp
Branch NameAddress
HomalinKwin No(65), U Paing No(42), Aung San St, Naunt Pa Kyit Qtr, HoMaLin Tsp, SaGaing.
KanbaluNo(2), Tapin Shwe Htee St, (3)Qtr, Kant Balu Tsp, Sagaing.
Kalay Branch-1No.(3/3), Bogyoke Rd, Pinlon Qtr, Kalay, Sagaing.
Kalay Branch-2Upaing No(140/140/1), Akwat (8/east Tarhan), Bogyoke St, Sanmyoe Qtr, Kalay, Sagaing.
KatharNo-147, Akwat(10/botae) , Corner Of Lanmadaw St & Naintban St, ,4 Qtr, Kathar, Sagaing.
Kaw Lin-2No.33,Kha, Ward 96 & 97, No.4, Zay Yone Qtr, Kaw Lin Tsp.
KhamtiNo.(27), Laeootan Rode, Myoma Quarter, Khamti, Sagaing Region.
Sagaing -1No.120, Mdy-MWA-SBO Car Road, Pabedan Qtr, Sagaing.
Sagaing-2 (Ywar Htaung)Upaing No(f-197), Akwat No.(811/ West Ywahtaung), Ywahtaung Qt, Sagaing
Tamu BranchNo.130, Akwart No.28/ Mintaeyat, Bogyoke Rd, Zaytan 2 Qtr,tamu, Sagaing.
Branch NameAddress
KYAING TONG-2No(14), Kyaing Lan(1)St, Qtr(2), Kyaing Tong, Shan State(East).
MONGHPYAKNo.(106), Pyi Htaung Su Rd, Zay Tan Qtr, Mong Hpyak Tsp, (East) Shan State.
MONGHSATNo.96, ANawYaHtar St, MAL Swam North Qtr, MongHsat.
TACHILEIKNo.1/2, Cherry Rd, Tarlot Qtr, Tachileik
TACHILEIK-2No(3,4,13,20,29), Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Mae Khaung Qtr, Tachileik Tsp, Eastern Shan State.
TACHILEIK-3No(28/29), Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Parsat Carlaykwin, Apartment, Haugleik Group, Tachileik Tsp, Shan State (Eastern)
KUTKAINo(Ka/203).Byuhar Street, 1st Quarter, Kutkai,Shan State (North)
THIPAWNo(139), Tharaphi st, Petain (North) Qtr, Thipaw Tsp, Shan state.
KYAUKMEKwin No(31), Oo Paing No (103/104), Zay Yat, Thiri Mingalar st, Kyauk Mae City, Northern Shan state.
LASHIONo(46-A), Myo Ma Zay, Coner of BoCho St, ThaZin St, (3)Qtr, Lashio.
LASHIO-3Building (A4), Nama/NamKyaik Qrt, Mandalay-Lashio Road, Lashio, Shan State(North)
LASHIO-4No(Za/3/8),Corner of Theinni Road and Tharaphi Street,8th Quarter,Lashio, Shan State(North)
MUSEHa-1/ 1, Corner Of Pyihtaungsu And Khwarnyo St, Homon Qtr, Muse
MUSE-3No(I-1,2,3), High-Way Bus Stop, Homon Qtr, Muse Tsp, Shan State (North).
MUSE-4No(61+68), Lashio-Muse Highway Rd, (105)mile Myoe Quat Thit, Muse Tsp, North Shan State.
NAMKHANKa Na Ma-60(B), Kaung Naung Mo Qtr, Pyay Htaung Su Rd, Nankham Tsp, Shan State (North).
NAUNG CHONo(86), Region (5), Mandalay-Lashio Rd, Zay Qtr, Naung Cho Tsp, Shan State (North).
AUNGBANNo.47, Pyi Htaung Su Rd, 4 Qtr, Aungban.
AYETHARYARAh Kwat No(48), No(5) Qtr, Oo Paing No(51/54), Ayetharyar Tsp, Taunggyi.
AYETHARYAR-2No.4, (4)Qtr, Akwat (15), AyeTharYar Industrial, Zone Rd, AyeTharYar Tsp.
HEHONo(88), PyiTaungSu Rd, East Qtr, HeHo Town, Shan (South).
HOPONGNo(157), Bogyoke St, West Qtr, Hopone Qtr, Shan State (South).
KALAWNo(5/10), No-5 Ward, Minn St, Kalaw Tsp, South Shan State.
LOILEMNo(2/29), U Paing No(69), Akwat No(88), GawYaKhar Kyaung St, (2)Qtr, LoiLin Town, Shan (South).
NAMSANGNo.3/10, National Rd, 3rd Qtr, NamSang Tsp, Shan State.
PEKONNyaKa-56,Corner Of Pyi Htaung Su Road & Manaw Thu Kha St,Nyaung Kone Qtr
PIN LAUNGNo(10), Pyi Htaung Su Rd, Mingalarquetthit Qtr, Pinlaung Tsp, Shan State.
PINDAYANo(Ya/112), ShweOuMin Pagoda St, Shan Qtr, PinDaYa, Shan (South) State.
PINLONNo.9, AungZaYa St, 1Qtr, PinLon.
SHAN TAUNG-SIGHT KHAUNGNo(Ya/68), KyaukTaLone Main Rd, AgZayYa Qtr, SightKhaung Town, Shan (South)
SHWE NYAUNGNo(10/1), PyiTaungSu Main Rd, DaNaTheintHdi(2)Qtr, ShweNyaung Tsp,Shan (south)State
TAUNGGYI-1No(254), BoGyoke Rd, Kan Shae Qtr, TGI.
TAUNGGYI-2No.(10/A), Myoemazay (west), Horkone Qtr, Taunggyi.
TAUNGGYI-3No(2/329), Yae Htwat Oo St, Part(2), Pagoda Phyu Yat, Taunggyi Tsp, Shan Stae(South).
TAUNGGYI-4No(48), East Boundary Rd, Thittaw Qtr, TGI, Shan (Soutern).
TAUNGGYI-5No(Kha/294),West Boundary Road,Chan Mya Tharzi Quarter, Taunggyi,shan State (Southern).
YATSAUKNo(241), Zaytan (North) Ward, Zaytan Qtr, Yatsauk Tsp, Southern Shan State.
YATSAUK -2No(112), YatSauk-Shwe Nyaung St, Zaw gyi Qtr, YatSauk Township
YWANGANNo(467), PyiTharYar St, ZayTan Qtr, YwarNgan Town, Shan (South).
Branch NameAddress
Dawei-1No.14, Neik Ban st, Myoetwin Qtr, Dawei.
Dawei-2No(857), Arzarni Road, Kayat Pyin North Qut, Dawei City
KawthaungNo(205/1), Corner of Myananda St & MyoMa Tada St.
Myeik-1No.13 (B), Pyitawthar St, Seik Nge Myoma Ward, Myeik
Myeik-3No(399), Padauk Shwe War St, West (Middle) Qtr, Myeik Tsp, Tanintharyi Region.

We continue to make every effort to bring all ATMs online and keep them stocked with cash.
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