Frequently asked questions for “Share your feedback and Win Exciting Rewards” Campaign

During this campaign period of 1st May to 31st July 2024, customers who have visited KBZ Bank branches will receive an SMS containing a survey link about KBZ Bank’s services. All users who respond to the survey will automatically become eligible to participate.

The prizes available in this campaign include:

✦ KBZPay Market Coupons worth 100,000 kyats

✦ KBZPay Market Coupons worth 50,000 kyats

✦ KBZPay Market Coupons worth 10,000 kyats

✦ KBZPay Market Coupons worth 5,000 kyats and

✦ Vacation Packages up to 500,000 kyats

Additionally, 54 KBZPay Market coupons winners and 1 vacation package lucky winner will be selected from among those who respond to the survey every two weeks. Prizes will be awarded a total of six times during the campaign period.

The winners will be selected randomly using a computerized system.

Winners will be announced on the KBZ Bank Facebook Official Page (with a blue mark) and the Official Website. Following this, KBZ Bank will send the SMS  to the winners under the name of KBZ Bank. In this SMS, the lucky winner will be notified of their prize, and KBZ Bank will never ask for the password from customers. And please do not share your not OTP and PIN with anyone.

After the lucky winner is announced, SMS containing a link to access the KBZPay Market Coupon will be sent within 7 business days. The coupon code can only be used once per person. The number of coupons is limited and cannot be used more than once per person. The coupon received by the customer can be reused in making purchases from merchants in KBZPay Market, and the amount of purchase and payment must be greater than the amount of the coupon.

Vacation Packages will be dispatched via SMS within (7) business days after the announcement of the lucky winner and a screenshot of the prize SMS sent to their phone and the information needed to receive their prize must be sent to the official KBZ Bank Facebook Page Messenger.

You can use the winning KBZPay Market Coupons when placing purchase orders on KBZPay Market.

Remark: Coupon must be used within (10) days after receiving it.

The winning vacation packages must be used within the specified period as per the terms and conditions provided.