KBZPay Releases New App Version with a Fresh Look and Additional Features to Enhance the Cashless Experience

Yangon, Myanmar, 2 July 2021 – KBZPay, the leading mobile wallet in Myanmar, has released a new version of its mobile app on both Android and iOS with a fresh look for better customer experience. Available 24/7, KBZPay supports millions of customers nationwide with their daily financial and contactless payment needs.

The new app version retains the same key features and services that customers have come to love and are familiar with, along with new functionality that bring convenience, enhance the cashless experience and connect customers with KBZPay partners and merchants.

The fresh new look of the KBZPay app with a ‘My Services’ section available on the ‘Home’ and ‘Life’ tabs that allow customers to customize their favourite features and services.

What’s New in the Updated KBZPay App Version

Customize Your Favourite Features: A new section named ‘My Services’ allows customers to customize their favourite KBZPay features in one place and to access them efficiently. Customizing the features under ‘My Services’ can be done in a few seconds. 

First, tap on the ‘Life’ tab at the bottom of the KBZPay app to view the ‘My Services’ section. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button and use the ‘Plus’ icon or ‘Minus’ icon to arrange the features that you would like to easily access. Once the edits are made, ‘My Services’ will be updated on both the ‘Home’ and ‘Life’ tabs in the KBZPay app.

New ‘Message’ Tab: ‘Message’ is a new tab in the KBZPay app which allows customers to view official news, articles and notifications from both KBZPay and KBZ Bank, as well as trusted information from partners. It also enables customers to receive messages and notifications from merchants within the KBZPay digital payments ecosystem. In addition, the ‘Message’ tab will share news updates related to sports, entertainment, fashion and various other topics.

The new ‘Message’ tab in the KBZPay app which allows customers to view notifications from KBZPay, KBZ Bank and merchant partners, as well as news and articles.

KBZPay Centers for Customers in Yangon

In addition to launching the new version of KBZPay for a better customer experience, KBZ Bank has opened new KBZPay Centers for customers in Yangon. This includes a KBZPay Center for Senior Customers located at the KBZ Bank branch in MICT Park, Hlaing Township, Yangon. 

At the KBZPay Center for Senior Customers, customers over the age of 60 will receive support for KBZPay account opening, linking of KBZPay accounts with KBZ Bank accounts, and cash-out services. Senior customers can call 09 9510 18555 or 8555 to make an appointment booking at the center. For more information about the KBZPay Center for Senior Citizens, visit: https://www.kbzbank.com/mm/blog/updates-mm/a-seniors-center-opens-for-senior-customers-in-yangon-mm/.

For general customers, they can visit the KBZPay Centers at the KBZ Bank branch in MICT Park or at the KBZ Bank branch on Min Ye Kyaw Swar Road, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon, to receive support for cash-in, onboarding and issues troubleshooting without the need for an appointment booking. For cash-out services, general customers are required to book an appointment using the ‘Branch Appointment’ feature in the KBZPay app.

Appointments at the KBZPay Centers will be scheduled between 9.30am and 3.30pm on weekdays and 10.30am and 2.30pm on weekends. Customers are required to bring their smartphone, NRC or driving licence and passbook to their appointment at the KBZPay Center.

KBZPay encourages customers not to share their account PIN number, OTP codes or any account information with others. As an additional layer of security, customers should keep their mobile device secure to protect their personal accounts and data.

To download the updated version of the KBZPay app, please visit the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. For more information about new KBZPay product and service offerings, please visit the official KBZPay Facebook page –  www.facebook.com/KBZPay.

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