Electronic Pin Code for MPU Debit Card Activation

Dear Valued Customers, 

Starting 14th July 2021, customers will be able to receive instant E-PIN (OTP code) as a SMS message on a bank registered mobile number when applying for a new MPU Debit Card or renewing the existing card. Customers will no longer need to wait for the PIN-mailers. 

To activate the MPU Debit Card, customers need to go to the nearest ATM and do the following steps: 

1. Insert the MPU Debit Card into the ATM machine 

2. Type in the 6 digit OTP code sent to the mobile number 

For security purpose, customers need to 

3. Set your own PIN number (New PIN and old PIN cannot be the same) 

As KBZ Bank, we will never ask the customer to provide the OTP and PIN Number. Customers are advised not to share their OTP and Password PIN Number to anyone. The fraudsters can steal the bank account, information and money once the customers shared their OTP and PIN Number.

For more information, please contact KBZ Bank Call Center number 8555 or 09951018555.

Thank you for using KBZ Bank services.