Save with our Fixed Deposit Account and grow your money

We are excited to announce that KBZ bank customers can grow their money by saving for a period of time with Fixed Deposit Accounts.

Customers are available to take advantage of the best interest rates available for 90 Days Ordinary Fixed Deposit account,180 Days Ordinary Fixed Deposit account, and 90 Days Special Cash Fixed Deposit. Special interest rates are-

-90 Days Ordinary Fixed Deposit: 9%p.a 
-180 Days Ordinary Fixed Deposit: 9.25% p.a
-90 Days Special Cash Fixed Deposit: 9%p.a 

The promotion period is from 26th September to 28th October 2022. Customers can open accounts at branches but through KBZ mBanking conveniently. For more details, please contact KBZ Bank Call Center 09951018555.