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KBZ is your partner in helping you optimisation of your business working capital in both domestic and international supply chain process. We invite you to explore our comprehensive range of supply chain finance solutions in greater detail.

Service Description

  • Invoice Financing – Purchase is a short-term facility to finance the buyer (“borrower’s”) for the purchases of goods on an open account basis. This service is eligible for both pre-shipment and post-shipment of goods.
  • Corporate is required to apply for IF-P facility.

Service Benefits

  • To accommodate the borrower’s funding needs.
  • Able to benefit from pricing negotiation with the seller due to early payment.
  • Faster payments to the supplier help to build up stronger buyer-supplier relationships.

Documents Required

1. Invoice Financing – Purchase application form

2. Sales Contract and or pro-forma Invoice

3. Original Import License issued by Department of Commerce (or) Non-License undertaking with company letterhead

4. Copies of shipping documents after goods shipped.

Service Description

  • Invoice financing -Sales is a short-term facility to finance the seller/exporter on its account receivables from the sales of goods on an open account term before the buyer makes payment on maturity date.
  • Corporate needs to apply for the IF-S facility.

Service Benefits

  • An exporter can access advanced funds after shipment of goods to enhance operational liquidity
  • Eligible for post-shipment financing
  • Accommodate both foreign currency and local currency sales

Documents Required

1. Invoice Financing – Sales application form

2. Copy of Invoice

3. Original Export License issued by Ministry of Commerce (or) Non-License undertaking with company letterhead

To be launched

Service Description

  • Account Payable Supply Chain (APSC) financing service is to facilitate corporate helps its suppliers secure account receivables financing
  • Customers need to apply for the APSC facility

Service Benefits

  • No additional financial cost to the corporate borrower
  • Financing supplier directly without additional credit assessment of the supplier
  • This is a win-win situation for both the Buyer and Seller

Documents Required

1. Application form for APSC

2. Related agreements need to be signed by both buyer and seller.

To be Launched

KBZ Bank Trade Specialist is able to consult with the corporate on specific needs for supply chain financing

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