SME Loans

KBZ Bank is providing LOAN to boost and encourage actual SME business Entrepreneurs. SMEs can get better opportunities as these credit facilities are mainly focus on the viability and Cash Flow of the business, and less reliance on collateral.

SME Loan for (business) expansion


SME (Loan) can help to reduce your final lump sum repayment burden, as needs monthly principal and interest repayment.

Who can apply?

Capital Investment needs for business expansion can apply SME (Loan).

Eg: (Buying Fixed Assets, Building warehouse/plant, Buying Machinery/Vehicle for the business)

T&C for Capital Investment Loan

Credit Tenor – Max 3 years

Interest Rate – 10% (per Annual)

Repayment Type – Monthly (Interest + Principal)

SME (OD) for working capital


The business process can be better and smoother as SME (OD) needs only monthly interest repayment upon actual principal amount used, and the principal repayment needs at the end of maturity.

Who can apply?

Working capital needs for business operation can apply SME (OD).

Eg: (Purchasing Raw material (or) Using business expenses)

T&C for Working Capital Overdraft

Credit Tenor – Max 1 year

Interest Rate – 10% (per Annual)

Repayment Type – Monthly Interest + Principal (100% repayment at the end of the year.)

JICA Two Step Loan Credit Tenor

As JICA Two Step Loan can get longer term (up to 5 years) with lower interest rate, borrowers can implement their Business Plan and Expansion Plan for their business growth.


– Apply JICA Loan from Kanbawza Bank, to be more successful business.

– JICA Two Steps Loan for Capital Investment requirement to buy fixed Assets

Who can apply?

JICA Two Step Loan can be apply for capital Investment needs such as building a manufacturing plant, warehouse, buying machinery and vehicles.

T&C  for JICA Two Steps Loan

Credit Tenor – Max 5 years

Interest Rate – 5.5% (per Annual)

Repayment Type – Monthly Interest Repayment + Proportionate Average % of Principal repayment is required.

Loan Amount – Up to 500 Million

Excluded Sectors

The Following sectors shall be specifically excluded –
(1)Farmers eligible for borrowing from Myanma Agricultural Development Bank;
(2)Real estate;
(3)Finance and insurance;
(4)Precious metal dealing;
(5)Bars and pubs;
(6)Amusement, entertainment (except for tourism);
(8)Any other sector harmful to the social stability (to be judged by Working Committee)


  • Borrower can use maximum 20% for Working Capital purpose, but the rest 80% must be used in Capital Investment purpose. Detail Business Expansion Plan of borrowing business needs to be submitted.
  • Our priority sectors are Manufacturing, Service, Trade, Food Industry and Import Substitution Business.
  • The bank is lending based on their purpose of borrowing, to the business that doing actual business operation with detail plan.

Requirement Document

Required Documents

Business Information

  • Business license form
  • Company registration form
  • Receipts of revenue tax for the last 3 years
  • Financial statements for the last 3 years

Personal Documents

  • Copy of National ID
  • Household Registration
  • Letter of Recommendation clearly stating that you are living in shared quarters
  • Guarantee that you are single if you are single
  • Divorce papers and papers proving you aren’t marrying any time soon


  • Certificate of incorporation (From DICA)
  • Company Profile (From DICA)
  • Officer Details (From DICA)
  • Member Details (From DICA)
  • If an export/import business the company must possess export/import license with valid dates
  • A written approval from board of directors
  • The paid up capital amount from an updated audited balance sheet and the paid up capital from Form E must be the same amount

Under the Central Bank of Myanmar regulations, the following collateral are accepted

  • Immovable properties
  • Government bonds and securities
  • Machinery
  • Fixed deposits or Savings deposits
  • Goods
  • Gold
  • Company Shares


  • Documents concerning the ownership of properties
  • Grant, map and history of property

Q &  A

Although the business has been running for a long time, the business has only one year official business licensed, can this business eligible to apply a loan?

The business with only 1 year formal business licensed can be applied if the business has been running for a long time. But, the bank still requires 3 years financial statements to be analyzed.

If the business has been running for 2 years but tax paid for only 1 year (some didn’t paid any tax yet), is such business eligible to apply?

If the business has been really running for 2 years, it is eligible to apply either the business paid tax for only 1 year or with advance tax payment.

Can still apply a loan if I don’t have any collateral to be provided?

Yes, can still apply a loan by CGI (Credit Guarantee Insurance) of Myanma Insurance, instead of providing collateral.

What requirements do we need to apply CGI?

According to Myanma Insurance, SME Smart Card and SME Recommendation Letter from DISI (Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection) require to apply CGI.

Is a Start Up company eligible to apply?

An SME with minimum 2 year experienced is eligible to apply.

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