SME Term Loan

SME Term Loan is suited for Business Enterpreuner who want to expand owns business by looking for Capital Financing with loan tenor 1-3 years for Financing amount of MMK 10-1,000 Million.

Why KBZ’s SME Term Loan?

  • Acceleration of the business expansion with Capital Investment assistance.
  • Better Cash Flow Management due to the flexible loan repayment schedule based on business nature and Cash Flow cycle.
  • The negotiable repayment frequency and plan which benefit customer with the less burden of Cash outflow while managing business growth

Eligibility to apply for the loan

  • Businesses that need fixed asset acquisition
  • Infrastructures Development Companies Eg: Factories and Warehouses)
  • Machineries and industrial vehicles purchasing companies
  • Companies with service expansion plans
  • New business outlet opening and renovation

Special Requirement

  • Layout Plan and estimated cost must be provided if loan request for construction.

SME Overdraft (OD) Loan

SME OD is suited for Business Enterpreuner who is looking for working capital requirement & short term liquidity with the loan tenor up to one year for Financing amount of MMK 10-1,000 Million.

Why KBZ’s SME Overdraft (OD) Loan?

  • No commitment fees/hidden cost for unutilized funds.
  • Better Liquidity Management and effective cash management
  • Easy to build the positive track record with KBZ Bank as per cash flow via OD Account
  • Faster processing time for renewal

Eligibility to apply for the loan

  • Business that need to purchase goods for the current business or another business expansion ( provided for working capital)

JICA Two Steps Loan – JICA TSL

JICA Two Steps Loan is suited for Business Entrepreneur who is looking for financing to invest the Capital Expenditures (e.g. Building factories, warehouses, shops, purchasing machineries and industry vehicles).

Why KBZ’s JICA Two Steps Loan?

  • Loan amount up to 80% for Capital Investment and 20% for Working Capital with flexible tenor up to 5 years and Financing amount up to MMK 500 Million.
  • Lower Interest Rate and longer loan tenor will enable your business expansion and growth
  • Encouraging Capital Investment to improve efficiency and productivity of the business
  • Improving project execution skills while preparing the reporting requirement
  • Faster business growth due to the less burden on repayment schedule with monthly interest repayment and annual partial (%) principal repayment proportionately

Eligibility to apply for the loan

All business sectors except following sectors:

  1. Livestock breeders and farmers eligible for borrowing from Myanmar Agricultural Development Bank
  2. Real estate
  3. Finance and insurance
  4. Precious metal dealing
  5. Bars & Pubs
  6. Amusement, entertainment (except for tourism)
  7. Weapons, ammunition
  8. Any other sector harmful to the social stability (to be judged by Working Committee)

Special Requirement

  • Layout Plan and estimated cost must be provided.
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