KBZPay Customers Contributed Donations Totalling MMK 320.9 Million in the Second Half of 2020, New List of KBZPay Donation Beneficiaries Announced for First Half of 2021

Yangon, Myanmar, 22 January 2021 – KBZPay customers have continued to display their spirit of generosity by using the ‘Donation’ feature in the KBZPay app to contribute more than MMK 320.9 million in donations during the period of July to December 2020. The KBZPay ‘Donation’ function was introduced in July 2019 with the aim of enabling customers to make charitable donations conveniently and securely from their mobile wallet directly to various philanthropic organisations. 

Of the MMK 320.9 million raised during the second half of 2020, MMK 16.3 million was contributed by KBZPay customers to support the efforts of philanthropic organisations Yangon Heritage Trust, Clean Yangon and Mingalarpar Youth Charity Organization. MMK 304.6 million was donated to support the vital pandemic response work being undertaken by  the Inya Lake COVID Centre (Inya Centre), We Love Yangon, Khit Thit Foundation, Thabarwa Nature Center and Ko Gyi and Helping Hands. 

Every six months, KBZPay rotates the list of organisations it is supporting with the ‘Donation’ function. The supported organisations are selected in accordance with criteria set out by KBZ Bank’s Social Purpose and Impact Committee (SPIP) which oversees the charitable and philanthropic activities of KBZ Bank and KBZPay. 

For the period of January to June 2021, the charitable organisations to be supported by the KBZPay ‘Donation’ feature are Khawei Chan School for the Blind in Yangon Region, Aye Yeik Mon Girls’ Orphanage in Mandalay Region, Zeyar Maung Mae Charitable Association in Sagaing Region and Kho Hlone Yar Home for the Aged in Ayeyarwady Region. This round of digital crowdfunding focuses on providing support for vulnerable segments of society nationwide.

Said Ko Zay Yar Tun, Founder of Clean Yangon, which received MMK 7.2 million in donations raised from July to December 2020 through KBZPay, “We very much welcome the generosity of KBZPay customers across the country. KBZPay serves as an innovative digital fundraising platform which accelerates the donation process and makes it possible for people to contribute towards our organisation which supports communities and provides care to the vulnerable. On behalf of Clean Yangon, I would like to extend my deep appreciation to KBZPay customers for their donations and to the KBZPay team for making this fundraising initiative possible.” 

“We are honoured that KBZPay is supporting the readiness in giving by people across Myanmar. KBZPay not only allows customers to perform their daily financial transactions, it provides a secure and convenient platform for digital donations. Since the launch of the Donation feature in KBZPay, we have been uplifted by KBZPay customers’ generosity towards various philanthropic organisations. We  encourage members of the public to continue this momentum and contribute donations of any size towards our supported charities,” said Daw Yamin Shwe Yee, Senior Manager (Social Purpose) at KBZ Bank.

Since the ‘Donation’ function was launched in July 2019, KBZPay customers have donated more than MMK 443.05 million to support the work of philanthropic organisations in Myanmar and other causes. Of this amount, approximately MMK 355.9 million in donations was contributed toward COVID-19 related causes, providing a boost to charitable organisations as they supported people in the country during the pandemic. Notably, this includes MMK 210.1 million raised to help We Love Yangon’s COVID-19 response efforts.

Members of the public can donate to support the work of philanthropic organisations by using their KBZPay mobile wallet. To make a donation, tap on the ‘Donation’ tab in the KBZPay app, select the beneficiary, tap on ‘Donate Now’ and choose the item to donate or the donation amount.