KBZ Bank Honours International Women’s Day By Supporting Gender Equality Campaign

Yangon, Myanmar, 7 March 2020 – In celebration of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020, KBZ Bank invites members of the public to participate in a gender equality campaign named “To Our Lives We Want”. The campaign is inspired by a powerful, award-winning short animated film titled “My Life I Don’t Want”, which will be airing online on (www.facebook.com/toourliveswewant). Every time the film is watched online from 6 March 2020 to 6 April 2020, MMK 3 will be donated to this campaign. All funds raised will be channelled by Gender Equality Network (GEN) to support women’s rights activities organised across Myanmar.

KBZ Bank pledged MMK 20,000,000 to support the “To Our Life We Want” campaign as the main sponsor. This collaboration was evaluated and recommended by KBZ Bank’s Social Purpose and Impact Partnerships Committee and is in line with one of the bank’s three social purpose pillars – Inclusive Society and Workplace. KBZ Bank sees significant value in supporting initiatives that directly benefit women and driving inclusiveness for them in the workplace and society. This is especially significant as the bank employs more than 18,000 people across Myanmar, with 55 percent of its workforce comprising women.

Image 1 (Left & Right): People watching the “My Life I Don’t Want” short animated film during a screening held at JCGV Cinema, Kantharyar Shopping Centre

KBZ Bank is also serving as the Exclusive Digital Payment Partner for the fundraising campaign through its KBZPay platform. Members of the public are invited to use the KBZPay mobile wallet to donate funds to the campaign. A QR code features in the online and offline posters to promote the campaign, which people can scan to access KBZPay and make a donation directly to the “To Our Lives We Want” bank account. Alternatively, KBZPay customers can choose to make a donation via manual transfer in the KBZPay mobile app: Scan and Pay > Manual > Pay to Merchant > Enter Short Code 100323882 > Enter Amount > Click Pay.

Image 2: A member of the public inquires about how the QR Code works to make a donation to the “To Our Life We Want” campaign the campaign via KBZPay

The “To Our Life We Want” campaign is led by Nyan Kyal Say, an animation artist and Co-Founder of Pencell Animation Studio, Gender Equality Network (GEN), Business Coalition for Gender Equality, and Domino Digital to raise awareness about gender discrimination in the country. The “My Life I Don’t Want” animated film, developed by Nyan Kyal Say, won 39 awards from international film festivals and is part of 140 official selections around the globe.

Image 3: A member of the public scans the QR Code in a “To Our Life We Want” campaign poster to make a donation to the campaign via KBZPay

While KBZPay has been building on its growth momentum to facilitate more cashless transactions across the country, it is also supporting the spirit of generosity with various options to choose and donate funds to various causes. For more information about how to use KBZPay to make a donation to the “To Our Life We Want” campaign or other beneficiaries, please message the KBZPay team on Facebook at www.facebook.com/KBZPay.