Save Smart, Reward Sweet Kids’ Wish List Complete

Parents looking to save up with the intention of preparing for their children’s general needs, let us introduce you to a special opportunity to both save up for our children and win school accessories for them.

Get to know our Recurring Deposit: General Purpose Account designed to help secure any financial purpose of yours, including securing a financially-sound future for your children. And within May and June 2024, we’re running a special lucky draw program for our customers opening new accounts.

How to participate

KBZ has launched this new campaign in which by opening a new Recurring Deposit: General Purpose Account with a minimum initial deposit of 50,000 kyats and monthly regular savings starting from just 30,000 kyats per month, you can stand a chance to win children’s school accessories.

The prizes up for grabs include:

✣  Water bottles
✣  Lunch boxes
✣  Backpacks

From the start date to the end date of this Campaign period, KBZ Bank will randomly select 3 Lucky Draw prizes when 10 new bank accounts have been opened per day. Winners will then be announced once every two weeks on Tuesdays via our official social media channels. This campaign runs from May 08 to June 30, 2024 while stock of prizes lasts. Don’t miss out on this chance to save and win! 

So let’s make our children’s wish lists complete through smart savings with KBZ Bank. 

Terms and conditions apply.