Increase prosperity with KBZ Bank’s New Fixed Deposit Account ‘Po Su’

Dear valued KBZ Bank customers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the “Po Su” fixed deposit Account, exclusively available at KBZ Bank. This account allows you to make up to 10 additional deposits within a 90-day period, while also offering the advantage of higher interest rates similar to those of a traditional Fixed Deposit Account.

Designed to enhance your savings potential, the “Po Su” Fixed Deposit Account from KBZ Bank is perfect for long-term savers. The interest rate is calculated based on the total amount of your initial deposit plus any subsequent deposits, providing a higher return on your savings.

The types of accounts that can be opened are:

✦ Individual Account
✦ Joint Account
✦ Corporate / Association and Business Account. 

Interest rates are determined by the total deposit amount:

✤ Total deposit less than 300 Million Kyats: 9% interest rate.
✤ Total deposit of 300 Million Kyats or more: 9.3% interest rate.

The deposit period for Po Su Fixed Deposit Account is 360 days.