Announcement to KBZ Fixed Deposit Account Customers

Dear Fixed Deposit Account Customers, 

Thank you for choosing KBZ Bank as your safe bank and investing your funds in KBZ Fixed Deposit Accounts. We are trying our best to engage with customers to support for better financial management and provide greater access to information including the Fixed Deposit Accounts. 

Please refer below table for the latest Fixed Deposit Accounts interest rates. We are ready to assist you If you would like to place a Fixed Deposit with KBZ Bank. 

Normal Fixed DepositTenorIndividual/JointCorporate
30 Days7.5%
60 days7.75%
90 days8%
180 days6.6%
270 days6.75%
360 days7.25%
720 days7.75%
1080 days8%
Special Cash Fixed Deposit90 days8%8%

If you have instructions relating to the maturity of your Fixed Deposit Accounts, we recommend that you contact your Home Branch preferably two weeks prior to the maturity date. Please check here for your Home Branch contact information. 

Thank you for banking with us.