SME JICA Two Step Emergency Loan

With the economic fallout from COVID-19 likely to have a significant impact on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Myanmar, SME Banking is introducing a new SME JICA TSL Emergency Loan for existing JICA Two Step Loan customers. This emergency loan offers support to existing customers who find themselves under increased financial strain due to the impact of COVID-19.

The service is available as of June, 2020. 

To apply or know more about the program, please contact your Relationship Manager (RM) directly or call KBZ SME Banking Hotline 01373785 / 01372979 / 01372977 / 01377716 or email to [email protected]

Benefits of JICA TSL Emergency Loan 

  • – 5.5% Interest rate p.a 
  • – Up to MMK 3,000 lakhs loan amount 
  • – Able to choose repayment method according to business cash flow and business nature
  • – Able to discuss grace period of payment
    • Less than 3 years’ loan maturity: up to 6-month
    • 3 – 5-year loan maturity: up to 1-year
  • – Up to 5 years loan tenor
  • – Able to use 100% of the Working Capital depending on the business needs 


Does Emergency Loan allow 100% working capital? Is this change also applied for normal SME-TSL (existing loan for capital investment)?

Current JICA Emergency TSL Loan allows 100% working capital. However, this relaxation is only for Emergency Loans. Working capital portion for normal SME-TSL (existing SME-TSL for capital investment) is 20%, no change.

I am an existing customer who borrowed MMK 500 Mil from SME-TSL in the past. Can the customer apply for an Emergency Loan?

Yes, even if the customer is already an SME-TSL end-borrower with maximum amount (MMK 500 Mil.), the customer can also apply for Emergency Loan with maximum amount (MMK 300 Mil.). However, the eligibility and repayment capacity should be checked by PFI through the credit appraisal.

Can SMEs who borrowed from KBZ’s own SME loan apply for an Emergency Loan? How about COVID-19 relief fund users?

No matter if the SME owner borrowed the bank’s own loan or COVID-19 relief fund, SME-TSL opens for any SMEs as long as the SME is eligible for the criteria checked by PFI.

Is this emergency loan a term loan or overdraft facility loan? Does KBZ Bank accept rollover for 1 year? 

Generally, our bank allows rollover working capital loan after one year depending on the conditions of the business.

This emergency loan is implemented as a term-loan. The loan can be set a loan maturity up to 5 years including grace period. Repayment schedule is allowed to be changed with specific documents.

How to set grace period for existing loans (normal SME-TSL for investment)?

There is no change of rule for the existing loans. The grace period rule is only for Emergency Loan.

Can a SME borrow emergency loans multiple times?

The emergency loan is limited to a single time only per person, and the maximum amount is MMK 300 Million.

Which type of businesses can apply for this program?

Every business except for the exclusion list mentioned by JICA.