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EXCHANGE RATES     02/15/2019
USD BUY 1500 SELL 1520
SGD BUY 1085 SELL 1110
EUR BUY 1660 SELL 1685
THB BUY 46.8 SELL 49

The KBZ Home Loan is a long-term financial plan that allows you to make your dreams come true and own your own property. All you need is a minimum of 30% down payment of the total home price, monthly interest and principal of 3 to 25 years. The required documents to apply are below – please read carefully to ensure you have all documents before you apply.

Property Types

  • Apartment and Condo
  • Landed Properties
  • Home Construction Loan


  • Property Value: Kyat 200 Lakh and Above
  • Tenor: 3 Years up to 25 Years


  • Age  must  be  between 18- 65 years (Employees, SME s and  Company Owners)
  • Health   must  be  good
  • Source  of  Income  must  be Regular, Sound  and Cover
  • Must  have the ability to  contract

For all applicants:

  1. NRC no.
  2. Passport details (if you have one)
  3. Photo (passport size)
  4. Family registration record
  5. Verification of address

If you are employed:

  1. Employment verification letter (career,
    salary, number of years with company)
  2. Salary verification letter (tax slip copy)
  3. Bank Statements (6 months most recent)
  4. Rental contract (if you have one)

If you are a Company applying for the loan:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Form VI, XXVI and E
  3. BOD Meeting Minutes
  4. Financial Statements (3 years)
  5. Cash Flow Statements (6 months)
  6. Tax Pay Slip Copy
  7. Memorandum of Association and Article of Association

If you are self-employed:

  1. Business License
  2. Financial Statements (last 3 years needed)
  3. Cash Flow Statement (6 months)
  4. Tax Pay Slip Copy

Terms & Conditions:

  • Credit limit is maximum 70% of  Property Value
  • Interest rate is 13% (per year)
  • Interest calculation will be daily basic              
  • Interest calculation method will be Amortize Reducing(EMI Method)
  • Service Charge is 1.5% and will be calculated on  Loan Amount
  • Service Charges will be collected from the customer
  • Principal and interest will be deducted from Customer Settlement  Account by monthly
  • Settlement Account will be Current Account
  • Tenor is 3 years to 25 years
  • Start date will be mortgage term loans sanction date .(example – Start Date: 15 Oct2017 and End Date: 15 Oct2018 for one year
  • Grace period is 5 days
  • Late Fees 13% will be charged on overdue of principal and interest amount after grace period
  • Daily accrued will be calculated for late fees
  • Partial prepayment and full prepayment will be allowed after one year

  • 100% balance of principal prepayment allowed (after 3 years ) without any penalty

  • 3% will be charged for any prepayment from 1 to 3 years

  • Able to choose any developer for Home Loan
  • Able to apply with one or more co-applicant.

Fees & Charges applicable for Home Loan

  • Fire Insurance (Yearly) (0.02% on Property Value)
  • Stamp Duty (0.5% on Home Loan Amount)
  • Service charges will be charged 1.5% on Loan Amount and started from 1.3.2019 (including Assessor Fees, Lawyer Fees and GP charges)

Q & A

How long will the whole process take?

It will take approximately 14 working days to process.

How much money do I need to make to qualify?

We have provided a calculator in our website. This allows you to work out the maximum credit limit that you can apply for, your monthly repayment, total interest that you have to pay based on your credit limit and the credit terms that you can apply for (based on your age and income).

Where can I get the product information?

Our KBZ web page and selected KBZ Branches with their corresponding phone numbers.

Can we use a combined salary to apply?

Yes you certainly can.

How long will it take to pay my loan back ?

It will depend on your down payment and your monthly income. We will provide the loan from 3 to 15 years based on property value.

Do I need collateral?

The property itself is collateral. No further collateral will be needed.

What’s the frequency of the payments and at what interest rate?

Monthly repayment method will be applied. The interest rate is to be confirmed by CBM.

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