Transfer more to win more cash prizes – Terms & Conditions

  1. KBZ Online Banking Transfer Other (KBZ-KBZ) Campaign is valid from 11th March 2024 to 15th March 2024.
  2. The purpose of the Online Banking Transfer Other (KBZ-KBZ) Campaign is for KBZ Online Banking Customers to win the lucky draw prize of 30,000 MMK to 500,000 MMK for making a transfer from KBZ to KBZ account during the Campaign period.
  3. All KBZ Online Banking Customers who transfer a minimum transaction of 1,000,000 MMK  and maximum 50,000,000 MMK  for making a transfer from KBZ to KBZ account using KBZ Online Banking Transfer Other (KBZ-KBZ) during the Campaign period will automatically be eligible to participate in the Campaign. During this Campaign, the Customers who make a minimum transaction of 1,000,000 MMK  and maximum 50,000,000 MMK  using KBZ Online Banking Transfer Other (KBZ-KBZ) will get 1 Lucky Draw chance. 
  4. During this Campaign, all Online Banking Customers who make a minimum amount of 1,000,000 MMK and maximum amount of 50,000,000 MMK through KBZ Online Banking Transfer Other (KBZ-KBZ) will be eligible to win 11 cash prizes and there is no limitation with the transaction times that money can be transferred through KBZ Online Banking during this Campaign.

Prizes amounts are as follows:

Prizes (MMK)Qua Quantity
500,000 MMK1
300,000 MMK1
100,000 MMK2
50,000 MMK2
30,000 MMK5
  1. Winners will be announced via KBZ Bank website and KBZ Bank’s Official Social Media Channels (with blue marks) on 21st March 2024. The Winner agreed and acknowledge that KBZ Bank may use the Winners’s name and phone numbers (not full digit) in order to announce the Winners of the prize through social media and website. The cash prize will be credited to the Winner’s KBZ Online Banking Account within 5 business days after the Winner announcement. KBZ Bank reserves the right to modify such time without prior notice to the Winners in the event outside the control of KBZ Bank.
  2. Winners will also be notified by KBZ Bank SMS after cash prize is credited from their KBZ Online Banking Account to the relevant account of the Winner.
  3. During this Campaign period, KBZ Bank Customers will be entitled to enjoy benefits stated in these Terms and Conditions, which will be expired at the end of this Campaign period.
  4. KBZ Bank employees will not contact participants in the Campaign to ask for OTP or PIN or KBZ Bank Account information.
  5. Customers are strictly forbidden to cheat in any other form or manner during this Campaign. KBZ Bank has the right to cancel and/or ban any Customer who is suspected to be cheating in any form and/or manner.
  6. In the event of any dispute arising between KBZ Bank Customers and KBZ Bank regarding this Campaign, such dispute will be examined carefully and finally resolved by the authorized officers of KBZ Bank without any prejudice to the statutory rights of the Customer.
  7. KBZ Bank, at any time, shall have the right to amend or cancel or terminate the Terms and Conditions and/or Campaign and the benefits or features regarding this Campaign conditionally for some reasons without giving any notice.
  8. Customer acknowledges and agrees that there is no right to receive any compensation as a result of cancellation or termination of this Campaign for some reasons and/or variation to these terms and conditions without giving any notice.
  9. All normal KBZ Bank Terms and Conditions apply. 
  10. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
  11. KBZ Bank reserves the right to revise initiatives introduced in response to COVID-19 and natural disasters or force majeure events at any time, as the situation evolves. KBZ Bank will not be liable to the Customer or any other party or be considered in breach of these Terms and Conditions for a failure to perform, or delay in performing, any such obligation set out in these Terms and Conditions while those circumstances continue.
  12. These Terms and Conditions are made in both English and Myanmar and both versions shall be equally authentic and effective. In case of any discrepancy between two versions, the Myanmar version shall prevail.
  13. Any clarifications on this Campaign and more information, please contact KBZ Bank Call Center Phone No. 09951018555.