Guide to using MPU Credit Card

Since your credit card is only in inactive mode, it is necessary to activate the card at the KBZ bank branch when you pick up the card.

To do the Card Activation

(1) There is a signature area on the back of the card, you must sign in that space.

(2) The activation form must be signed.

Steps to change ATM PIN

(1) Insert your credit card into the nearest KBZ ATM machine.

(2) After inserting the card at the KBZ ATM, KBZ Bank will send a One-time  Password (OTP) Message to your mobile phone that you provided when you applied for the card.

(3)  When you receive the OTP (6) numbers, enter them in the ATM machine.

(4) To change the new PIN, enter the new ATM PIN (6) numbers that you want to keep two times.