Get 10,000 MMK bonus for Western Union Cash Withdrawal – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campaign name of Western Union?

The Campaign name is “Western Union Year End Bonus Campaign”.

What is a Year End Bonus?

Beneficiaries will get an additional 10,000 MMK when receiving 500,000 MMK or more from the selected countries.

When will this promotion start and for how long?

Promotion period will start from 15th Dec 2021 to 15th Jan 2022. (Both send and receive dates must fall within these dates, inclusive of both dates).

HeaderWhich country of Western Union is eligible for this bonus plan?

Only 3 countries are eligible for this Bonus plan; Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand only.

Could you tell me what the bonus incentive is?

Only one bonus incentive per single eligible payout transaction per customer per day.

(i.e :>500,000 MMK)

Any limit on receiving bonus amount?

Over five hundred thousand Kyats. Payout transactions ( >500,000 MMK)

Which banks are valid for this Incentive Bonus?

Only at participating Western Union partner banks’ locations. Not valid at any other locations.

Will Western Union Incentive Bonus rebate money to customers immediately?

The recipient must provide the sender’s name, remittance amount, country of remittance, 10 digits MTCN number, NRC number. For example, if the recipient withdraws 500,000 MMK, he/she will receive 500,000 MMK + 10,000 MMK bonus, for a total of 510,000 MMK. The recipient must sign a receipt of 10,000 MMK on the remittance receipt.

If Payout Transaction amount is 1,000,000 MMK and can they withdraw at different counters 500,000 MMK per transaction and can they get a bonus twice?

 Receiver will get a one time bonus per day only.