KBZ Bank celebrates 400th Branch!

KBZ Bank celebrates 400th Branch!

Today marks the successful opening of our 400 Branch at West Shwe Gone Dine District and for this incredible milestone we deeply thank our most valued customers and staff – because of them we are here today.

From our very first bank in Taungyi, 1994 to today we are so proud to have reached this major milestone during the growth of our country’s financial and banking sector and we expand so that even the most remote areas has access to our banking network.

We are always looking for ways to improve our services. This year we invested heavily in the worlds leading satellite technology to power our branch and ATM network (#‎KBZGateway) – for a speedier service to drive down customer wait time.

To give a better in-branch experience, we are redesigning to add features such as bulk cash lanes for speed and meeting pods for comfortable and private account opening.

It’s because of our valued customers that all of this is possible. And at KBZ Bank we have a passion for what is possible in the future of Myanmar.

So 400 thank you’s – from the bottom of our hearts, to each and every person who has helped make this happen.

We will continue in every way we can to help give Myanmar the ability to plan the best and brightest financial future.