KBZ Bank is launching a new and first ever in the Myanmar market ‘KBZ Step up’ loan with reduced interest rates in the first two years, to help people make their dream of their own home come true today.

Do you dream about your own Home? Then why not apply for Step Up Home Loan? More and more people are considering KBZ Home Loans and KBZ Bank is constantly improving its housing loan conditions to make the home more affordable.

Terms & Conditions

Loan AmountFrom 20,000,000 
Loan termFrom 8 – 25 years
Interest Rate7% – 1st year, 8% – 2nd year, from the 3rd year and onwards – 10%
Down paymentFrom 25%
Service Fee2%

Customers who pay an initial deposit of 50% or more of the property assessed price will have a special rate 8.5 % from the 3rd year onwards.

Important Information

Terms and conditions are subject to change at the Bank’s sole discretion without prior notice to customers. For more information, please visit your nearest KBZ Home Loan branch, our website page  www.kbzbank.com/en/loans/home-loan/ or call our Home Loan Team at 09 444000700/800 09-444111102, 01-2306214.