Cards issued by Foreign Banks are now available to withdraw cash at selected KBZ ATMs

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to inform you that cards issued by foreign banks are now accepted for cash withdrawals at KBZ ATMs.

Cardholders can now withdraw cash and check the balance of their cards such as VISA, MasterCard, and UPI cards at selected KBZ ATMs in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyitaw, and Taunggyi. 

Please contact the KBZ Bank Call Center at 09951018555 for more information.

Terms and Conditions apply.

KBZ ATM List for Cash Withdrawal

Terminal NameAddress
Kamaryut Branch-1-2U615/1, Pyay Road, Kamayut Township, Yangon
Sule Pagoda Road BranchNo(232), Sule Pagoda Road, Kyuaktada Township, Yangon.
Kyauk Myaung Market M-1No(206), Kyitekasan Road, Kyar Kwet Thit Qt, Tamwe Tsp, Yangon.
9Mile (U3)No (147), Airport View Tower (B), Pyay Road, 9 Mile, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
KTL-m2Unit(1),Junction Square Compound, Kyun Taw St, Sanchaung Township, Yangon.
MICT Park Branch (U2)Room No(101,102,103,112,113,114), Ground Floor, Building(18), MICT Park, RC II, Hlaing Tsp, Yangon.
U Wizarya RoadNo(278/B), U Wizaya Road, Kamayut Tsp, Yangon.
Junction City BranchCorner of Shwe Dagone Pagoda Road and Bogyoke Aung San Road,Pabaltan Township,Yangon.
Sakura ResidenceNo(9), Corner of Innyar St and Pan Wah St, Kamayut Tsp, Yangon.
City Mart 6 MileNo.(69),(11) Ward,Innya Lag,6.5 miles,Pyay Road,Hlaing Town Ship.Yangon.
Ocean 9 MileCorner of Pyay Road and Tawin St, Thiri Condo, 9 mile, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Ocean East PointNo(62), Mahar Bandula St, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon.
Yankin CenterNo(44), Yankin Center, Corner of Sayar San St and Industry (1) St, Yankin Tsp, Yangon.
Super One KyeikkasanNo (65), Lay Htaung Kan Road, Myan Aung Qt, Tamwe Tsp, Yangon.
Hledan CenterNo (522/523), Corner of Pyay Road and Hledan Road, Kamayut Tsp, Yangon.
Airport (u-1)Mingalardon Airport, Mingalardon Township, Yangon
Airport (u-3)Mingalardon Airport, Mingalardon Township, Yangon
PazundaungNo(117/119), Golden Gate Tower, Upper Pazondaung St, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon.
Shwe Bone TharNo(316/324), ShweBonTha St, Pabedan Township, Yangon.
Min Galar DoneNo(170), Khayaypin St, (2/Kha)Qt, Mingalardon Township, Yangon.
SOUTH DAGON-1 (U3)No(13), Corner of Pyihtaungsu Road & Mya Sabal St, (24) Qt, Near South Dagon Industrial Zone , South Dagon Tsp, Yangon.
Pin Lon HospitalNorth Dagon Tsp, Yangon.
Saw Bwar Gyi Gone-1No(86/87), Lanthit St, Nantthargone Qt, Saw Bwar Gyi Gone, Insein Tsp, Yangon.
ThamineNo(6/D-2), Kyite Wine Pagoda St, Thamine Qt, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Taik KyiNo(209), Yangon-Pyay Road, Station Qt, Taik Kyi Tsp, Yangon.
Nyaung Pin Lay ZayNo(48), Lanmadaw St, Latha Tsp, Yangon.
Botahtaung Pagoda RoadNO(182/194), Batahtaung Pagoda Road, (1) Qt, Pazundaung Tsp, Yangon.
Strand Office Complex M-5No (53), Cor of Merchant St and Bo Sun Pat St, Pabedan Tsp, Yangon.
HLAINGTHARYAR-4 (U3)No (02), Ground Floor,Corner of Tapin Shwe Htee St & Nyaung Tone St, Hlaing Thar Yar Tsp, Yangon.
Pan Hlaing HospitalGolf Housing,Hlaingtharya Tsp, Yangon.
Victoria HospitalNo. 68, Taw Win Street, 9 Mile, Township,, Yangon MMR013042, Myanmar (Burma)
Grand Hantha Hospital ( Sin Ma Lite )Junction of Sinmalite Point,Infront of Sinmalite Market and Sinmalite police station,Kamaryut Township,Yangon
Asia Royal HospitalNo(14), Baho Road, Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon.
Aung Yadanar HospitalNo(5/24), Thiri Gone Housing, Waizayantar St, 16/2 Qt , Thingangyun Tsp, Yangon.
Shwe Lamin Hospital-1Thudamar Road, North Okkalarpa Tsp, Yangon.
SSCNo(7), East Shwe Gone Taing St, Bahan Tsp,Yangon.
9-mile M-1No (147), Airport View Tower (B), Pyay Road, 9 Mile, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon,
Aung San StadiumNo (20/22), Ahlanpya Pagoda St, & Gyo Phyu St, (7)Qt, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Tsp, Yangon.
Lan Ma Daw-1 M-1Lanmadaw(1) Block-B, Unit 01-06/07, Lanmadaw Condo Center, Lanmadaw Road, Latha Township, Yangon.
North OkkalapaNo(315/Ka-4), (Ga)Qt, Thanthumar St, North Okkalar Township, Yangon
ParamiNo (39), Parami Road, (8) Qt, YanKin Tsp, Yangon.
South OkkalapaNo(586), Thanthumar St, (7)Qt, South Okkalarpa Township, Yangon
Yankin-2Building (17), Room(002) right, Moe Kaung St, 13 Qt, Yankin Tsp, Yangon.
Shwe Lamin Hospital-2No (15/19), ZawGyi Road, Lanmadaw Tsp, Yangon.
Wai Za Yan TarNo(280/281), Waizayantar St, (6) Qt, South Okkalaapa Tsp, Yangon.
Insein Pauktawwa U-3No (548), Bayintnaung Road, Pauktawwa Qt, Insein Tsp, Yangon
YG 102-LOWER KYEE MYIN DINE ROADNo (279), Lower Kyee Myin Dine Road, Ahlone Tsp, Yangon.
SHWE TAUNG KYAR STREETNo(10), Golden Valley Street, Golden Valley Ward(2), Bahan Township, Yangon.
YG 108-MIDDLE BAHO STR(MAYAN GONE)No.(64),Corner of Middle Baho Road & U Aung Min Road,(2) Quarter,Mayangone Township, Yangon.
YGN85 Seik Kan Thar Street(LewisSt)No (131), Seik Kan Thar Road, (7)Qt, Kyauk Tada Tsp, Yangon.
SANCHAUNG BARGAYARNo (129), Shwe Pyi Aye Yeik Mon Housing, Kyun Taw (South Qt), Sanchaung Tsp, Yangon.
YG 104-NOKA KHAYMARTHIROADNo (259/ A), Kay Mar Thi Road, (Ga) Qt, North Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon.
YG 106-UWIZARYA LANE (2)No( 355 ), U Wizarya Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon.
YGN112 SOUTHOKKALAPA-YATANAR STREETNo.(337),Ground Floor (G1-G2),11 Quarter,Yadanar Road,South Okkalar,Yangon
PEARL CONDORoom No(G-15), Building No(B), Ground Floor, Pearl Condo, Corner of Kabar Aye Pagoda Road and Sayar San Road, Sayar San (South) Qtr, Bahan Township, Yangon.
YGN94(NORTH OKKALAPA-2 ZAY )No (76/Kha), (77/Ka), Thu Dama Road, (2) Qt, North Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon.
YG107-WEST SHWEGONDINE RDNo.(133/B),West Shwe Gone Daing Road,West Shwe Gone Daing Quarter,Bahan Township, Yangon.
Bayintnaung Branch M-2No(Nya-48/49), Ground Floor, Yuzana Road, Bayint Naung Pwe Yone, Mayangone Township, Yangon
Phaw Kan BranchNo(62),Under Mingalardone Road,Phaw Kan,Innsein,YGN
Dawbon M-2No(265/269), Min Nandar Road, Bama Aye Qt, Dawpon Tsp, Yangon.
Ahlone M-2No(331), Kan Nar Road, Ahlone Township, Yangon.
Htaw Lee GwaeNo (43/44), (A), (2/A),(3/A),(4/A), Kannar Road, Sin Min Qt, Alone Tsp, Yangon.
BTHG M-2No(178),Bo Aung Kyaw Road, Botahtaung Township, Yangon.
UNIVERSITY AVENUE 2No.(130),University Avenue Road,(9) Quarter,Kamaryut Township,Yangon.
Myanmar Centre BranchNo (192), Ground Floor (G-26,G-27), Hoang Anhgia Lai Myanmar Co.,Ltd, Myanmar Center, Vietnum Building,
Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Mayangone Tsp, Yangon.
Mahar Bandula Road BranchNo(567), Corner of Merchant Road & Mahar Bandula Park Road , (2) Qtr, Kyauktada Township, Yangon.
YGN74- MINYEKYAWSWAR STREETBuilding (A-1), MinYeKyawSwar Road, MinYeKyawSwar Business Building Project,
Lanmadaw Tsp, Yangon.
YG 101-INSEIN GYOGONENo (31-A), Mahar Thukhitar Road, East Gyo Gone, Insein Tsp, Yangon.
Yuzana Plaza BranchYuzana Plaza, Banyardala St, Yangon.
8 Mile Branch M-1No(95-A), 8 mile Business Center, Level-1, Unit (A), Kyite Wine Pagoda Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon.
8 Mile Branch M-2No(95-A), 8 mile Business Center, Level-1, Unit (A), Kyite Wine Pagoda Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon.
Phyar Pon StreetNO.(49/A),(Corner Of Kyun Taw Road and Phyar Pon Road ),Kyun Taw (south) Quarter, San Chaung Township,
Theingyi Zay Branch-2 U2No(16), C-3, Corner of Anawyahtar Road & Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, Pabedan Township, Yangon.

Terminal NameAddress
Mandalay-35No (32), Ward No(817), (62)St, Bet (31*32)St, Pyi Gyi Myat Shin Qt, Chan Aye Thar San Tsp, Mandalay.
Mandalay Branch-39 M-1No.(10) , Block(Ma-79) ,35st , bet 56 x 57 st , Ye Mon Taung Ward ,MaharAung Myay Tsp,
Mandalay-11 (2U)No(829), 84 St, (42 * 45) Bet, ShweBoneshein Qt, Maharaungmyay Tsp, Mandalay.
Mandalay-8No(313),Lan (28), (83*84) St Bet, Chanayetharzan Middle Qt, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
Mandalay-9No(799), 26 St, (62 & 63) Bet, PyiGyi Myat Shin, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
Mandalay-16No(113-Ka), (85) St, (32*33) St Bet, Aung Nan Yeik Thar West Qt, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
Diamond Plaza (2U)78 St, Between 33 St & 34 St, Chanayetharzan Tsp,Mandalay.
The Capital Mandalay80st,Bet 28-29St,ChanAyeTharZan Tsp,Mandalay.
MDY Airport (Arrival)Tartaoo Tsp, Mandalay International Airport, MDY.
Airport MandalayMandalay International Airport, Thadaoo Tsp,Mandalay.
Mandalay-32 m-1No (3+4+11), No (169), Cor of 84 St & 24 St, Pyi Gyi Kyat Tha Yay Qt, Aung Myay Thar San Tsp, Mandalay.
Mandalay-1 M-2No(230), Lan (80), Between 31 St & 32 St, Kinsanarmahe Qt, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
MANDALAY-17 (U2)No (802), 66 St, (26*27) St Bet, Pyigyi Myathman Qt, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
MANDALAY-20 (U2)No(19), (26) St, 88 St & 89 St Between, Thiri Hay Mar East Qt, Chanayetharzan Tsp, Mandalay.
MANDALAY-22 (U3)No(1), Mingala Mandalay Project, (73) St,Between Thazin St & Nguwa St, Myo Thit (1) Qt, Chanmaytharzi Tsp, Mandalay.
MANDALAY-25 (U3)No (160), Corner of (64)St & Manawhayi St, Myo Thit (3) Qt, Chan Mya Thar Si Tsp, Mandalay.
Mandalay-3 M-2No(131/A), Corner of 78 St & 34 St, East Shwe Chi Hto Qt,Chanayetharzan Tsp,Mandalay.
MANDALAY-30 (U3)No(15-Kha), (73)St, Bet (37 & 38) St, Satkyar Nwal Sin Qt, Mahar Aung Myay Tsp, Mandalay.
Man-Mingalarzay (Mandalay-5) M-2No(746), 30 St, Between 71 St and 72 St, Chanayetharzan Tsp,Mandalay.
PATHEINGYI (U3)No(498/Ka), Pathein Gyi Road, Yay Hwet Myo Oo Qt (Kyi Tone Qt), Patheingyi Tsp, Mandalay.

Terminal NameAddress
Nay Pyi Taw (5) Branch U3No ( S-261, S-262, S-268, S-269 ), Yaza Thingaha Road, Thapyay Kone Qtr, Zabu Thiri Township, Nay Pyi Taw.
Nay Pyi Taw Branch-1 2UBank Part(1), Kyaing Tone St, Oaktaya Thiri , Naypyitaw
Nay Pyi Taw-2No(258/A), Yarza Htarni St, Ywa Kauk Qt, Paung Laung (2), Naypyitaw
Nay Pyi Taw-4Shop Room No(97), Padauk St, Thapyay Gone Zay, Zabuthiri Tsp, Naypyitaw.
Nay Pyi Taw Branch-1Bank Part(1), Kyaing Tone St, Oaktaya Thiri , Naypyitaw
Nay Pyi Taw (3) Branch (2U)Yazatheingaha St, In front of Hotel Zone, Datkhinathiri Tsp, Naypyitaw.
NPT Myo Ma Market BranchShop No(1,2), Yone No(2), Ma (83) Myoe Ma Zay, Zay Ya Theint Di Qtr, Zamuthri Township, Nay Pyi Taw.
Ministry Office-30Ministry of Industry (Office No. 30), ThaPyay Gone (Awine) Round about,
Zayya Htar Ni Road, Near MinThiHa Tea Shop
Ministry Office 51Ministry of Labor (Office 51), Near LawKa Chan Thar Pagoda,
On the way to Mount Pleasant Hotel
Office No.10 Nay Pyi TawNay Pyi Taw Office No. (10), Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Junction Nay Pyi TawYazatheingaha St, In front of Hotel Zone, Datkhinathiri Tsp, Naypyitaw.
Capital Nay Pyi TawYazatheingaha St, In front of Hotel Zone, Datkhinathiri Tsp, Naypyitaw.
Ocean Nay Pyi TawCorner of Yazahtani St and Mandalay Road, Oakthayathiri Tsp, Naypyitaw.

Terminal NameAddress
Taunggyi-1 M-1No(154), Corner of Bogyoke Aung San St & Myat Lay St, Lanmadaw Qt, Taunggyi.
Taunggyi-1 M-2No(154), Corner of Bogyoke Aung San St & Myat Lay St, Lanmadaw Qt, Taunggyi.
Taunggyi-2No(10/Ka), Myoma Zay(West) Road, Haw Gone Qt, Taunggyi.
Taunggyi-3No (2/329), Yay Htwet Oo Road, Pagoda Phyu, Taunggyi.
Taunggyi Branch 4No(48), East Boundary Road, Thittaw Quarter, Taunggyi.
Taunggyi Branch 5No(Kha/294), West Boundary Road, Chan Mya Tharzi Qtr, Taunggyi.
Aye Tharyar Branch-2 (U2)No.(4),Aye Tharyar Industrial Road,Aye Thar Yar,Shan State.
Aung Ban Branch (2U)No(47), Pyihtaungsu St, 4 Qt, Aung Ban City.
He’ Ho AirportHe Ho Airport, Hehoe City
Taung Gyi-2 Mini-3No(17), West City Circular Road, Zay Part Qt, Taunggyi, Shan (South)