No Fees for KBZ to KBZ Online Transfer Is Extended Until The End Of December 2021

Dear Valued Customers, 

KBZ Bank has introduced a ‘KBZ mBanking and iBanking Free Transfer’ promotion since April 2021 to help KBZ Online Banking customers for their convenient money transfer process. KBZ Bank is pleased to inform customers that the promotion is extended until the end of December 2021, therefore, customers are able to make free transfers between KBZ to KBZ Bank accounts (in MMK) using KBZ mBanking and iBanking.

Types of transfer include Fast Transfer, Transfer Other (KBZ-KBZ) and Multiple Internal Account Transfer using mBanking and iBanking. In addition, paying bills and checking account balances can be done without having the need to visit a branch.

Thank you for using KBZ Bank digital services.

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