A Senior Citizens – KBZPay Center Opens for Senior Customers in Yangon

KBZ Bank is opening a Senior Citizens – KBZPay Center in Yangon to offer greater support to customers in Yangon and over the age of 60. The Seniors’ Center will offer the following services and will be open from 9.30am – 3pm, Monday to Friday:

■ KBZPay Account Opening
■ Individual Bank account linking with KBZPay Account
■ Personal Information Update (KBZ Bank and KBZPay Accounts)
■ KBZPay Cash Out at Agent (Service Charges will apply )

Seniors who would like to get the above services will need to call 09 9510 18555 or 8555 for an appointment. Once confirmed, seniors will be called back and given the booking number and date for the visit. Senior citizens are required to bring along their smartphones, NRC, Driving Licences and Passbook to the Seniors’ Center.

Seniors who visit the Senior Citizens – KBZPay Center will only be able to perform transactions for their KBZPay Wallet accounts.

While we understand many seniors prefer to do their banking in person, we encourage our senior customers to enquire about our online banking options when they visit the branch. With mBanking, iBanking and KBZPay, customers can manage their money without needing to visit the branch next time. 

Location of the Senior Citizens – KBZPay Center: 
MICT Park 
Room No (101,102,103,112,113,114), Ground Floor, MICT Park,
University Hlaing Myay, (12 )Qtr, Hlaing Tsp, Yangon

Other customers should continue to use one of the regular, open KBZ Bank branches for their banking needs.