New customers (Individual or Corporate) who open a Cash Account (any type of Cash Accounts) and existing cash account customers (Individual or Corporate) who deposit more cash into their old cash accounts during the campaign period of March 21st to April 7th are eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw campaign. 

Yes, Cash Account Lucky Draw campaign is a nationwide campaign where customers (both new and existing) from across the country can participate by opening new accounts and depositing cash into their accounts during the campaign period. 

There are 30 winners per week and a total of 90 winners at the end of the campaign. 

You can open any Cash Account (Savings, Current, Call and Fixed Deposit), either Individual or Corporate to enter the Lucky Draw. Customers are required to maintain the minimum balance of the accounts that they open. 

Once you have successfully opened a New Cash Account at any of our branches or deposited more cash (any amount) in your existing cash account from March 21st to April 7th,  you will be automatically entered into the Lucky Draw that will be running for a total of 3 weeks. Total of 90 winners will be announced from March 25th to April 8th and informed. 

There will be a weekly Prize Draw where winners will each receive MMK 1,000,000, straight into their existing Account (Normal Savings, Call or Current). After verification, the cash prize will be credited to their Account automatically. 

As the Lucky Draw prize MMK 1,000,000 will be credited to the customer’s Normal Savings or Current account, the lucky winner who does not have any of the Savings or Current account must go to the nearest KBZ branch within 10 days to open an account.

Please note: KBZ Bank will never call customers to ask for their account information, OTP or Password as part of this campaign. If you are called by someone who asks for any of this information, please do not answer their questions, and do not fall victim to their scam.