Steam Wallet and iTunes Gift Card Campaign FAQs

All KBZ Mobile Banking customers who make purchases of Steam Wallet Gift Card (USD) and Steam Wallet Gift Card (SGD) during the campaign period will be eligible to participate in the campaign.

Campaign will be held from 24.11.2023 to 7.12.2023.

All KBZ Online Banking Customers who make purchases of Steam Wallet Gift Card  (USD and SGD) & iTunes Card during the Campaign period will be eligible to participate in the Campaign.

The following prizes will be included in the Campaign:

Steam wallet Reward

Steam SGDDenomination Reward No of reward
5    5,00010
10  10,0006
20  20,0002
30  30,0004
50  50,0008
Steam USDDenomination Reward No of reward
10  10,00010
20  20,00010
50  30,0002
100  50,0006

iTunes Reward

iTunesDenomination Reward No of reward
10   10,00030
15   15,0005
25   20,0005
50   30,0004
100   50,0002

The available cashback amount is from 5,000 MMK to 50,000 MMK. You will get the cashback as per the purchase amount.

There is no transaction limit. The more transactions you make, the higher your chances of winning in the Campaign.

The cash prize amount will be transferred directly to the KBZ bank account of the winner within (5) business days. The winners will receive a SMS from KBZ Bank after their bank account has been credited. The date for receiving the cash prizes may vary due to public holidays or circumstances beyond KBZ Bank’s control.

Please note: KBZ Bank will never call customers to ask for their account information, OTP or Password as part of this campaign. If you are called by someone who asks for any of this information, please do not answer their questions, and do not fall victim to their scam. 

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