MOCHA Cyclone Relief Efforts by KBZ Bank, KBZPay and KBZPay Market (May 2023)


KBZPay Market, in collaboration with the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS), has initiated a joint endeavor to provide assistance to individuals residing in regions impacted by the devastating MOCHA Cyclone in Myanmar. This includes areas such as Sittwe, Mrauk-u, Kyaukphyu, Kyauktaw, Gwa, and other townships in Rakhine State.

Donors can purchase “MOCHA Cyclone Relief Care Packages” and other essential items such as food, medicines, and consumer goods through the “Stand Together to Support the People Affected by Cyclone MOCHA” campaign page on KBZPay Market. KBZPay Market and the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) will collaborate in delivering the donated items to those affected by the cyclone.

To contribute to the cause, donors are kindly requested to provide the delivery address as “Yangon Region” in the Region box and mention “Red Cross” in the Address box instead of their personal address.  Orders addressed to the Red Cross will be prioritized and expedited to the affected individuals, while personal orders without mention of “Red Cross” in the address will be processed based on remaining stock availability.

The delivery fees will be promptly refunded to customers’ KBZPay wallets within 48 hours.

You can browse the following link to search for the MOCHA Relief Care Packages and other items that may be required for the victims of the cyclone. Let us stand together to support the people affected by Cyclone MOCHA. 

Campaign Period – 17-31 May 2023 

Donate at =>
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Step by Step Instructions to Participate in the Campaign

To make a purchase, simply follow the steps outlined below:

Note – When providing the delivery address for the donated items, please input “Yangon Region” in the Region box and “Red Cross” in the Address box, instead of your personal address. (For more details, please refer to Image 5.)

Orders addressed to the Red Cross will be prioritized for immediate delivery to the affected individuals, while regular orders will be processed based on stock availability.

Donate through KBZPay QR towards the people affected by Cyclone MOCHA

Those who wish to make a financial contribution can donate to the following organizations using KBZPay QR.

Natural-Disaster-Management-Fund KBZPay QR
Myanmar Red Cross - Disaster Fund - KBZPay QR

Follow the step-by-step guide provided below:

1. Open the KBZPay application and log in to your account. 
2. Tap on ‘Scan’.
3. Scan the QR Code of the organization you wish to donate.
4. Enter the desired amount of money you wish to donate.
5. Complete the donation by tapping on the ‘Transfer’ button.

Please note that there are no service fees involved when transferring money via the QR code.

KBZ Bank Waives Transfer Fees on Remittance Services for Areas Affected by Cyclone Mocha

KBZ Bank is offering a waiver on transfer fees for Remittance Services in the areas affected by Cyclone Mocha. This initiative aims to improve convenience for individuals residing in the storm-affected regions of Rakhine State. 

During the period from May 17th to June 30th, customers can now transfer money between designated KBZ Bank branches in Rakhine State and other KBZ Bank branches located outside of Rakhine State without incurring any transfer fees or service charges of any kind. This applies specifically to NRC to NRC Remittances. 

Furthermore, during this period of time (May 17th to June 30th), customers will not be required to pay service fees for the following transactions involving KBZ Bank accounts: transfers made to and from KBZ Bank accounts opened at branches in Rakhine State as well as transfers to any KBZ Bank account opened at any branch of the bank. 

1. Cash Deposit 

2. Cash Withdrawal 

3. Inhouse Cheque Deposit (As Debit Account or as Credit Account, Deposit or Withdrawal made with Cheque) 

4. Account-to-Account Transfer (As Debit Account or as Credit Account, transactions made between accounts)

KBZPay Waives service charges for Areas Affected by Cyclone Mocha

KBZPay offers Fee-Free Services at KBZ Bank Branches in Rakhine State

To assist the individuals impacted by the MOCHA cyclone in Rakhine State, KBZPay is extending its support by providing free services for the following activities at KBZ Bank branches in Rakhine State from 18th May to 30th June 2023:

  1. Transfer from KBZPay 
  2. Cash-out from KBZPay
  3. Quick Pay Transactions

By offering these complimentary services, KBZPay aims to support and ease the financial challenges experienced by individuals affected by the MOCHA cyclone in Rakhine State.

MOCHA Helpdesk Hotlines for KBZ Bank Employees

Due to the impact of Cyclone MOCHA, phone lines and internet connections have been disrupted for KBZ Bank employees in the affected areas. In response, the KBZ Bank Head Office has promptly established dedicated channels to provide any necessary assistance to bank branches, employees, and their families.

The Internal Helpdesk Hotlines have been set up to serve as a communication channel for KBZ Bank employees to seek assistance for any issues or challenges they may encounter as a result of the cyclone disaster. This assistance extends not only to the branches and KBZ Bank’s employees but also to their families. Employees in the affected areas can directly report their concerns, or other employees, who have received information from those in affected areas, can relay the information on their behalf.

KBZ Bank’s Admin and DPS ( Digital Professional Services) Teams are also providing timely support for cleaning, disinfection, and security management, as well as the repair and construction needs of the affected branches.