Up to 9% cashback upon buying Gift Card via KBZ mBanking

Buy the specified Gift Cards such as iTunes, Netflix, PlayStation and Steam Wallet, and win a chance to get up to 9% cashback! 

See different cashbacks for different Gift Cards and detailed terms in the link below.

Cashback Winners from the abovementioned Campaign

NamePhoneReward Amount (MMK) (To be received by the winners)Gift Card_Deno Prices (Bought by the winners)
ZAW MIN HTET09596xxxxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
NAN MYAT THINZAR WIN09782xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
WIN HTET HTET09400xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
SUI NEI MAWI09783xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
THU THU THAN HTAY AUNG09262xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
PHYO THANT ZIN09592xxxxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
KHANT NAING HTT09775xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
THEIN PYKE AUNG09967xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
YE YINT PAING09777xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
MIN HTET AUNG09211xxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
SU MYAT HLAING09594xxxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
THIN THIRI AUNG09774xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
KYI MIN HAN09977xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
INGYIN KHIN MAUNG09787xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
MYAT THIN KHING09428xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
AUNG WAI PHYO95979xxxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
AUNG KAUNG THAR09783xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
ZWE THAN09757xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
DR. THAN MOE NAING09595xxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
SOE HEIN LAT09598xxxxxxxx1,750 MMKiTunes (US) 5USD
WIN HTET HTET09400xxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
TIN KO KO AUNG MYO09597xxxxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
ZAW LWIN OO09595xxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
NYI HTWE09595xxxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
NYAN LYNN TUN09974xxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
AYE CHAN PHYO09428xxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
DR. THANT NAY AUNG09599xxxxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
EI KYAR PHYU KHIN09594xxxxxxxx3,500 MMKiTunes (US) 10USD
NYEIN SI THU09420xxxxxx5,250 MMKiTunes (US) 15USD
AUNG KAUNG THAR09783xxxxxx5,250 MMKiTunes (US) 15USD
MYAT PHONE LYNN09975xxxxxx5,250 MMKiTunes (US) 15USD
KYAW LINN HTEIN                         09450xxxxxx5,250 MMKiTunes (US) 15USD
THU THU THAN HTAY AUNG09262xxxxxx5,250 MMKiTunes (US) 15USD
SOE HEIN LAT09598xxxxxxxx5,250 MMKiTunes (US) 15USD
NANG SAN AUNG KHAM09594xxxxxxxx5,250 MMKiTunes (US) 15USD
THU THU THAN HTAY AUNG09262xxxxxx8,750 MMKiTunes (US) 25USD
THEIN PYKE AUNG09967xxxxxx8,750 MMKiTunes (US) 25USD
CHIT ZAW WIN09976xxxxxx8,750 MMKiTunes (US) 25USD
THEIN PYKE AUNG09967xxxxxx17,500 MMKiTunes (US) 50USD
KHIN OHNMAR SOE AUNG09507xxxx17,500 MMKiTunes (US) 50USD
KYAW SWAR LIN09431xxxxx17,500 MMKiTunes (US) 50USD
KYAW ZIN THET09796xxxxxx35,000 MMKiTunes (US) 100USD
MYO MIN OO AND U TINT SWE09456xxxxxx35,000 MMKiTunes (US) 100USD
NAN MYAT THINZAR WIN09782xxxxxx10,500 MMKNetflix (US) 30USD
MG SAI MIN KYAW SAN09768xxxxxx8,000 MMKPlayStation (SG) 40USD
OHKAR OO09766xxxxxx4,000 MMKPlayStation (SG) 20USD
MAY OO MON09977xxxxxx4,000 MMKPlayStation (SG) 20USD
KYAW ZAY THIHA09977xxxxxx8,750 MMKPlayStation (US) 25USD
PYAE PHYO KYAW09594xxxxxxxx4,000 MMKSteam Wallet Code (SG) 20USD
AUNG MYAT KHINE09420xxxxxx4,000 MMKSteam Wallet Code (SG) 20USD
AUNG MYAT KHINE09420xxxxxx10,000 MMKSteam Wallet Code (SG) 50USD
HEIN ARKAR ZAW09787xxxxxx3,500 MMKSteam Wallet Code (US) 10USD
MG AUNG KO KO MYAT09596xxxxxxxx3,500 MMKSteam Wallet Code (US) 10USD
AUNG MYAT ZIN09406xxxxxx3,500 MMKSteam Wallet Code (US) 10USD
TIN PA PA THEIN09595xxxxxx7,000 MMKSteam Wallet Code (US) 20USD

Note: The cash prize will be credited to the Winner’s KBZ Online Banking Account within 5 business days after the Winner announcement. KBZ Bank reserves the right to modify such time without prior notice to the Winners in the event outside the control of KBZ Bank.