New tenor of Special Cash Fixed Deposit Account – 30 days with 8.5% interest rate

Dear Valued Customers, 

KBZ Bank has introduced a new tenor of 30 Days Special Cash Fixed Deposit Account, offering a higher rate of 8.5% to customers. 

Customers can open the 30 Days Special Cash Fixed Deposit Account in any KBZ branches nationwide. The following customers are eligible to open the account with an initial deposit of 1,000,000 MMK in cash.

  • Individual (Single or Joint)
  • Organizations (NGO, INGO, Pagoda Trustees, Universities, etc)
  • Companies (DICA Issued Company Registration)
  • Businesses (Non-DICA Issued Company Registration)

For more information, please contact KBZ Bank Call Center number at 8555 or 09951018555.

Thank you for using KBZ Bank services.

**KBZ Bank reserves the right to change or amend the interest rates at any time and customers shall be responsible for regularly reviewing the terms including amendments thereto as may be posted on the website.