Auto OTP

Auto OTP

Auto OTP is an OTP that is sent to your app directly and verified in the background securely, saving your trouble of keying in an OTP sent to you via SMS.


Auto OTP is more secure and quicker.

How to use?

For the first step, you should have KBZ mobile banking user and KBZ mobile banking app installed in your phone.

How to Apply?

When you log in to KBZ mobile banking app, the app will prompt the Auto OTP introduction page. If you click on “NOT NOW” button, the page will be dismissed. It will show again when you log into app next time. If you click on “Don’t ask me again” button, it will not show again when you log into app next time on this device. If you want to proceed to register Auto OTP, please check “I accept Terms and Conditions and click on “NEXT” button. Then SMS OTP is sent to you and you are asked to enter OTP.

For more details,


Auto OTP is an enhancement security feature on KBZ Mobile Banking app. Auto OTP leverages on your data connection and mobile number registered with the bank to send your OTP securely from our servers to your mobile device. After you have logged into KBZ Mobile Banking app and make a transaction, the system will automatically send the one-time password (OTP) directly to your registered mobile device and authenticate in the background without you needing to key in the OTP. Thus, Auto OTP is faster, more convenient and secure.

At login you will be prompted to register for Auto OTP.

No. For transactions performed on internet banking, you will still require an OTP that will be provided to you via SMS or via your hardware or software token.

KBZ Bank uses RSA software token (a type of authentication security software installed on your mobile phone that generates PIN for you to use in mobile banking). It is optional and an alternative to Auto OTP for retail customers (especially those who travel overseas regularly). However, there is a fee of 10,000 MMK for 3 years usage.

Yes, you can still use mobile banking with SMS OTP. However, it is highly recommended that you register for Auto OTP to enjoy additional security protection.

Yes. For security reasons, each customer is allowed to register up to a maximum of 3 devices for Auto OTP.

If you are changing or losing your devices, you can disable Auto OTP for the old device by navigating Menu>>Settings>> Manage Auto OTP.

You will no longer receive email OTP. Please register for both biometric and Auto OTP.

We have stopped sending email OTP. Please make use of our Auto OTP instead.