USD BUY 1575 SELL 1583
SGD BUY 1135 SELL 1150
THB BUY 47.5 SELL 48.5
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EXCHANGE RATES     10/19/2018
USD BUY 1575 SELL 1583
SGD BUY 1135 SELL 1150
EUR BUY 1748 SELL 1803
THB BUY 47.5 SELL 48.5

Hire purchase

Hire Purchase is a service provided by KBZ Bank for our account holders, SME Business owners and Organizations alike to pay for goods in installations over a period of time with a required down payment of 30-50 percent.


This service is eligible for individuals or organizations to hire purchase products/items by paying only 30% – 50% (down payment) initially and paying the remainder (depending on the product/item) throughout a period fixed by the bank.
The credit terms differ depending on goods purchased.

Products/Items eligible for Hire Purchase

  • Condominiums
  • Computers and electronics
  • Cell phones and other communication devices
  • Automobiles and motorbikes
  • Heavy machinery
  • Agricultural tractor and machinery
  • Gold and jewelry
  • Furniture
  • Medical equipment

Down Payment


of product’s total cost

Service Charges


of product’s total cost

Rental Fees

  • 9%

    (Year 1)

  • 5%

    (Year 2)

  • 5%

    (Year 3)

  • 5%

    (Year 4)

  • 5%

    (Year 5)

Percentage of the 50% to 70% the bank loaned

Sample Calculation for Hire Purchase (For 30% Down Payment – 1 year)

Product Cost

10,000,000 x 30% = 3,000,000

Service Charges

10,000,000 x 1% = 100,000

Rental Fees for 1st year

7,000,000 x 9% = 630,000

Initial Payment to bank

3,730,000 MMK

Monthly Payment

583333.33 MMK

Required Documents

  • Bill or receipt of product purchase
  • NRC card (Need to show original)
  • Household chart (Form 66/6)
  • Local Authoritative Recommendation
  • Local Authoritative Recommendation

Police Station Recommendation
Fire Insurance (For Condominium/Flat Buyers)
All in Insurance (For Car/Machinery Buyers)
Purchase Contract, Owner Book, etc. (If payment is cleared, all documents will be issued back)

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