KBZ Bank Celebrates Pride Month with “Allyship in Action” Webinar

KBZ Bank, a leading financial institution in Myanmar, reaffirmed its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by hosting a thought-provoking webinar titled “Allyship in Action”. The event, held in honor of Pride Month 2024, featured a panel of four speakers, and one esteemed moderator from within KBZ Bank employees, who represent diverse gender identities and orientations. Their engaging conversation explored the significance of allyship in creating an inclusive workplace culture.

Fostering Inclusion Through Allyship

The webinar’s dedicated moderator skillfully guided the discussion, allowing the esteemed speakers to share practical tips and personal experiences. Participants learned how allyship plays a crucial role in promoting understanding, empathy, and education within organizations. By actively supporting colleagues from diverse communities, allies contribute to a more inclusive society and workplace.

Insights from the Panel

The panelists, each with unique perspectives, emphasized the following key points:

  1. Understanding Allyship: An exploration of what it means to be an ally and the impact it can have on creating an inclusive culture.
  2. Creating a Listening & Learning Community: Encouraging open dialogue and continuous education among staff members.
  3. Initiating Policies: KBZ Bank is committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace. A number of our policies and procedures support our commitment to operating ethically and responsibly not only as a business but also at an individual level.  We will ensure that all of our employees are notified of the respective policies and mechanisms such as anti-harassment and non-discrimination, diversity & inclusion, equal employment opportunity, whistleblowing policy and inclusive practices are put in place to create an all-inclusive and enabling working environment.

Watch the Full Webinar

We invite you to watch the full “Allyship in Action” webinar below. Gain insights, learn practical strategies, and join us in creating positive societal change.

!Watch the Webinar!

At KBZ Bank, we believe that allyship is not just a concept—it’s a commitment. Together, we can build a more inclusive world, one conversation at a time.

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