Celebrating a Milestone in Inclusivity: KBZ Bank Receives ESG Business Award 2023 (December, 2023)

We are proud to announce that KBZ Bank has been recognized with the prestigious ESG Business Award 2023 in the category of Gender Equality and Women Empowerment – Myanmar. This award, bestowed by the esteemed ESG Business Awards, highlights our steadfast commitment to social and environmental sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

At KBZ Bank, we believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of gender, to thrive in the workplace. Our dedication is reflected in a workforce of over 12,000 talented individuals, with an impressive 57% being women, and a leadership team boasting 64% accomplished women who inspire a culture of innovation and progress.

What sets us apart is not just the numbers but the tangible actions we take to create an inclusive workplace. From establishing “ Mothers’ Corners” as supportive environments for new mothers to our comprehensive Diversity and Inclusion Policy, including initiatives like the Breastfeeding Time-off Policy, we recognize the importance of supporting all our employees.

Our Early Childhood Daycare Center ensures a secure and nurturing environment for the little ones of our working parents.

Beyond policies, we undergo comprehensive assessments like the GEARS assessment to measure our efforts and refine our strategies. Our commitment extends to working together with organizations like the Business Coalition for Gender Equality and active participation in initiatives like the Women’s Forum for ASEAN meetings, showcasing KBZ Bank’s dedication to advancing gender equity in the business sector. 

Furthermore, we’ve taken a leading step in promoting awareness and transparency in the Myanmar Business Community by launching a dedicated DE&I webpage on our website. Through the page, you can access information about KBZ Bank’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Visit the page to learn more. 

As we celebrate this achievement, we pledge to continue championing diversity, equity, and inclusion by all means.

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