Supporting Underprivileged Youths through ‘Changing Lives with Bicycle (November 2023)

Supporting Underprivileged Youths through 'Changing Lives with Bicycle'

We’re happy to share our contribution to the collaborative effort, “ Changing Lives with Bicycle,” organized by SAM in partnership with Anywheel and This initiative aims to provide 200 underprivileged youths with bicycles and essential educational tools. It will benefit students aged 16 to 21 across 11 locations of the Myanmar Network of Community Colleges (MNCC). KBZ Bank is honored to have taken part in this heartwarming collective initiative.

Through the bank’s contribution, 50 students will receive a bicycle, providing them with a means of transportation. This will make it easier for them to access education and improve their overall quality of life. The initiative serves as evidence of our commitment to creating positive impacts, our dedication to removing financial barriers, and our aspiration to inspire hope for a brighter future for these students. We are immensely proud to have made a meaningful contribution to their education and the transformation of their lives.

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