KBZ VISA Credit Card

KBZ VISA Credit Card

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KBZ Visa credit card is a kind of unsecured personal loan provided through a “plastic card” which can be used for payment of goods & services or cash withdrawal.

There are two (2)  types of Visa credit card issued byKBZ bank i.e Platinum & Classic cards with PayWave function. KBZ Visa payWave is a contactless method of payment – the latest evolution in Visa payments. It is simple, secure and quick payment method. The technology enables cardholders to ‘tap’ their card on a contactless POS terminal to make transactions up to the  amount set by merchant’s acquiring bank, rather than ‘swiping or dipping’ their card into POS terminals. The cards have a tiny antenna embedded into the chip which securely transmits payment instructions to and from a specially adapted card terminal.

Customers can apply for any of the card based on their income eligibility.

Announcement to KBZ Visa Platinum Cardholders

Kindly be informed that effective 1.1.2018, for new card applications, the bank will stop providing the benefit of Sule Shangri-La GEM membership as the hotel is discontinuing the program.

However, for existing cardholders, the current Sule Shangri-La membership will be honored until the membership card expires.

Platinum & Classic Card Features

Global Visa Merchant Acceptance (Domestic & International)

Global Cash Advance, POS and Online Purchase


Secured by EMV Card Standard

15-45 days of free revolving credit facility

Minimum Payment Options (10% or MMK 10,000 whichever is higher)

If the outstanding amount is below MMK 10,000, actual amount is applicable

Supplementary Cards up to 4 cards

Platinum Benefits

UnionPay Asia Prestige Program

(6 times / year free Airport VIP Lounge Access at over 400 Airports & Over 900 Lounges)

Overseas Travel Accident Insurance

( 2 times per year)

50% Joining Fee Discount for Supplementary Cards

25% Annual Fee Discount for Supplementary Cards

Personalized Service Assistance

MPT Customers – 09969508666

Non-MPT Customers – 8666

Global Emergency Medical, Travel Assistance & Concierge Service (Tel: +662 205 7748)

Exclusive Merchant Discounts

  • KBZ Merchant Offerings
  • Travel Mate Asia

Classic Benefits

10% exclusive discount at duty free outlets in Yangon International Airport (operated by Royal Golden Sky)

24×7 Customer Service

MPT Customers – 09951018555

Non-MPT Customers – 8555

Exclusive discounts/rewards at participating merchant partners

Eligibility to Apply for Card

  • 21 Yeards and above for Primary
  • 18 years and above for supplementary

Minimun Monthly income:

  • Classic:MMK 300,000
  • Platinum: MMK 2,000,000


Joining Fee

Principal-15,000 MMK

Supplementary –7,500 MMK

Annual Fee

Principal-20,000 MMK

Supplementary – 7,500 MMK

Pin Reissue

3,000 MMK

Lost/ Stolen Card Replacement Fee

5,000 MMK

Over Limit

Principal-5,000 MMK

Temp Limit Increase

10,000 MMK


Joining Fee

Principal-30,000 MMK

Supplementary –15,000 MMK

Annual Fee

Principal-120,000 MMK

Supplementary –75,000 MMK

Pin Reissue

3,000 MMK

Lost/ Stolen Card Replacement Fee

10,000 MMK

Over Limit

Principal-10,000 MMK

Temp Limit Increase

10,000 MMK

Interest rate16% p.a (effective from 1st JULY 2019)
Cash Withdrawal (CW)5000 MMK or 3% of CW amount(whichever is higher) and interest of 
20% p.a (effective from 1st JULY 2019)
Balance Inquiry500 MMK
Late Payment2.50%
Statement Reprint1000 MMK

Why choose KBZ Visa Credit Card?


Never have to worry about not carrying enough cash when you are out.

Shop Online

Make online payments on e-commerce websites.


No need to worry about your cash being stolen with our EMV Smart Chip Technology

Overseas Travel Accident Insurance

KBZ Bank provides the Overseas Travel Accident Insurance only for KBZ UPI Platinum Cardholders, Myanmar Nationality and maximun of two times a year.

Required Documents

Salaried(any two)

  • Pay Slip
  • 3 Month Bank Statement
  • Employer confirmation letter
  • Copy of Tax Book

Self Employed(any two)

  • Last 6 month bank statement
  • Business license Company registration
  • Last 6 month bank statement
  • Business license/Company registration
  • Previous year Tax Receipt

Identification Document

  • Copy of NRC(both sides), Supplementary application included
  • Recent Passport size photo (applicable for principal cardholder)
  • Copy of Household Registration Certificate
  • Ward Registration Letter (Original)

Other Requirements


No Guarantor Required

Guarantor Required


Loan Customers
or Bank Customer who maintains daily credit balance for past 6 months>MMK3 Mio

Existing KBZ Bank customers who do not have daily credit balance for past 6 months> MMK 3Mio
or Non Bank Customer

Security / Collateral

Not Applicable

Require 1 Guarantor or the applicant to place deposit under LIEN equivalent to Credit Limit 

Guarantor Criteria

Not Applicable

Require 1 Guarantor or the applicant to place deposit under LIEN equivalent to Credit Limit 

Documents required from Guarantor

Not Applicable

Copy of NRC
Two photos (passport size)
Household registration (WAIVED for loan customer)
Ward registration letter

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